Bad Mummy, Lazy Mummy

Hello. I’m Californian Mum, and I’m a bad mummy. I haven’t always been so bad. I used to be really fun. Then I got tired. Real tired. When you have one child, you have so much energy to go to lots of classes and playgroups. But then you have two and you’re so busy. And did I mention tired?

Moozles is in Year One, so Dubz and I have plenty of alone time to do fun activities. But there is no Monkey Music or Diddi Dance. Dubz turns 22-months old today, and he has never even been swimming. We’ve done a few tasters of various classes, but they never seem to fit into our schedule. We have recently begun attending a weekly Friday playgroup. 

We hang out at home; Dubz raises havoc in the living, he potters in the garden or bounces on the trampoline. We go grocery shopping. Once or twice a week we either go to a fellow mum’s house or they come over to our house for coffee (tea in my case) and biscuits. 

I should probably feel guilty that Dubz doesn’t get to do more fun activities. But I’m not. After all, I let him eat lunch whilst watching Cbeebies. His sister wasn’t allowed to eat in front of the telly before the age of three. So that’s something. 


8 thoughts on “Bad Mummy, Lazy Mummy

  1. But think about all the fun number three has with their siblings. When you only have one child, home can be boring so that’s one of the reasons you go out. And it is nice having a chore-buddy. 🙂 x

  2. I know what you mean – I have never taken the youngest to any baby massage, baby sensory, baby music, storytime, groups where you sit around in a big circle and sing nursery rhymes and get their feet stuffed into paint and made into cute little pictures (all of which I did with No.1). Poor thing. But then I’m a second child and I don’t feel particularly hard done by!

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