Becoming a Brownie

Two months ago Moozles turned seven, and with that she was able to join Brownies. She had been in Rainbows for a year beforehand, so was not new to Girlguiding. But Brownies has felt like such a big step up. Plus she moved troupe and to a new Brown Owl (that’s what they call the leader).

Moozles does not enjoy trying new things. She gets a bit anxious and nervous. I practically had to force her to attend Brownies. And although she enjoyed Rainbows, she was always trying to get out of attending the weekly sessions. I have previously written about how Moozles tends to quit activities, but I would like her to continue with Girlguiding for a bit longer. Girls learn about the wider world in Brownies, as well as joining in to help their community. These are important lessons for all young people. Moozles has really started to love Brownies, and I hope this continues. Girlguiding is a place for girls to make friendships, build confidence and gain skills they will have for life.



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