Best Black Tie Events London 2023

In 2023, London will host a number of prestigious black tie events that are not to be missed. From glamorous charity galas to exclusive awards ceremonies.

The city of London will offer an array of opportunities for attendees to dress to the nines and enjoy an evening of elegance and sophistication. We have listed our favourite and most exclusive black tie events in 2023.


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What Makes a Good Black Tie Event?


The great thing about a black tie event is there is a formal dress code so you dont have to put much thought into your outfit. These events are exclusive and fun and you know exactly what you are getting. The format of black tie events is basic but classy and organized.


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What Is The Dress Code For A Black Tie Event?


In tradition a black-tie dress code is a formal evening occasion, where men are meant to wear tuxedos and women, floor-length gowns.


The Best Black Tie EventsĀ  2023


London Symphony Orchestra’s annual black tie concert, featuring world-renowned musicians and a repertoire that is sure to captivate classical music enthusiasts. Additionally,

the British Fashion Council will host its annual black tie event, showcasing the best of British fashion talent and attracting industry insiders from around the globe.

Royal Opera House will host a black tie ballet performance, showcasing the grace and beauty of this timeless art form. This will be an exclusive black tie event with invites only.

London Film Festival’s black tie gala will bring together the biggest names in the film industry for a night of celebration and recognition. With such a diverse range of black tie events on offer,

British Fashion Awards, an annual celebration of the fashion industry’s finest talents.

The BAFTA Film Awards will also take place, honoring outstanding achievements in British and international cinema.

The Serpentine Summer Party will be a glamorous affair, held in one of London’s most iconic art venues.

The V&A Summer Party will offer a sophisticated evening of art, fashion, and entertainment.


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London in 2023 will undoubtedly be a hub of sophistication and glamour. London is one of the most sophisticated locations in the world. London hosts every year thousands of black tie events. We have included the most popular and exclusive black tie events. Dress your best and the most important thing have fun!

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