Billionaire Boy

My daughter is a bookworm, to put it mildly. She reads about 15 books a week, and re-reads one or two on top of that. One of her favourite authors is David Walliams. She has read all of his books multiple times. So you can only imagine her excitement when I told her that Billionaire Boy had been made into a musical and we were going to see it on stage.

If you’re not familiar with Billionaire Boy, it is the story of Joe, the richest boy in Britain. His father can buy him anything he desires. But there is only one thing he really wants – a friend. The story, full of humor and even some sad moments, takes us through Joe’s journey of finding a friend and discovering what’s really important in life.

Both my children loved the musical. Moozles, age 11, wished it had been longer. Dubz, age seven, liked the songs and laughed throughout. In fact, we all laughed. There were even some jokes geared towards the grown-ups, that flew over the children’s heads.

I have to say that despite enjoying the show, the highlight for Moozles was when David Walliams came out at the end. And then to find him in the foyer ready to take photos and sign autographs – it was more than we could have hoped for. Actually, it was what my daughter hoped for. She even brought her copy of Billionaire Boy (which she has read 12 times), and a pen.

Billionaire Boy is currently touring the UK until April 2020. The show lasts for about two hours, with an intermission. Also, it was the first time we had taken the seven-year old boy to an evening show, and I had been worried he couldn’t handle the late night (and the keeping quiet), but he was absolutely fine. Grab your tickets now for a fun family trip to the theatre.

*top photo by Mark Douet

We were invited to see Billionaire Boy for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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