The Birth of A Hat-Lover

The Birth of A Hat-Lover

When Dubz was 1 1/2, he discovered one of my hats. He found that it was comfy and cute (okay, I thought it looked cute). And a hat-wearer was born. Dubz loved that summer hat. He wore it loads for months. We bought him a cap, and he turned his nose at it. Then one day in Sainsbury’s, I spotted a trilby. And Dubz proceeded to wear that, and two other replacements, for 1 1/2 years. For that time, he would wake up, put on his hat, and only take the hat off for naps and baths and bedtime.

In the past three months, Dubz has been wearing hats less and less often. Sometimes he goes an entire week without wearing a hat. It is the end of an era. I have to admit that it makes me a bit sad. I became so accustomed to seeing his face with a hat. I have had to get use to being able to see his entire head. But it’s a lovely head. I cannot complain.

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6 thoughts on “The Birth of A Hat-Lover

  1. Ah hats areas cute on little boys, our two always wore them when they were little then just one day stopped I was so sad. I ofter try to get them to buy one now when out shopping as they look so cool in them, but they have their own minds and wont be swayed x

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