Bouncing with Barny Bear


We love adventures, be they big or small, at home or away. This weekend we decided to have a bouncing competition. We went into the garden for some fun on the trampoline. I gave the kids some chocolate Barny snacks, for fuel, then they proceeded to bounce into outer space. To be honest, my daughter Moozles did most of the bouncing. Dubz was a bit too busy exploring the chocolate centre of his chocolate Barny sponge cake.

Barny snacks are great for a day out, picnic in the garden or even just as a snack for the after school/nursery pick-up. They don’t have any artificial flavours or preservatives. They come in chocolate, strawberry, apple and milk flavours. My son prefers the chocolate and my daughter prefers the strawberry. I don’t have a preference as my kids have never shared any with me. Maybe one day Barny. Maybe one day.

IMG_7506 IMG_7517 IMG_7523




We were sent two packs of Barny snacks for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and my kids’ own).


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