Brunch And Early Mother’s Day Treats

Who doesn’t love brunch?! But brunch and the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts? And did I mention the hot tea and coffee brought to the table? That’s every mum’s dream. The lovely folks from I Just Love It wanted to show some of us mothers how appreciated we are. And feel appreciated we did.

The table was set beautifully, and I knew immediately where to sit as there was a plate with the initials ‘EW’. You know I love things with my name or initial on. I think everyone does, but especially when you have an unusual name. As you can imagine, I never had anything with ‘Elfa’ when I was growing up. There was a personalised vintage dessert spoon that read ‘There’s No Better Mum Than Elfa’. I’m leaving it casually around the house,hoping the sentiment seeps into my family sub-conscious. Other cute tableware included a vintage butter knife, an egg cup and mum hi ball glass, both of which had my name on them.

Each mum had a copy of a newspaper from the day she was born. Historic Newspapers has a huge stock of old newspapers. In fact, it is the largest stock of original newspapers. You’re not getting a re-printed paper from the day but the actual paper. The newspapers are a fab way to commemorate birthdays and anniversaries. The best part about old newspapers are the funny, old-fashion adverts. Really old-fashioned in my case. Oh how things have changed in 41 years.

Speaking of times changing, I also received a personalised Ladybird book, ‘The Mum’. These books have been quite popular for the past couple of years, and getting a personalised one makes it unusual. It is amazing how much more special a gift can become simply by personalising it. Another personalised gift was the shimmer silver ball bracelet. It has my initials on a dangly heart, which turns a nice bracelet into something special.

If you’re after a thoughtful gift have a look at the I Just Love It website for inspiration. The site has more than 4,500 customisable gifts to choose from. And the products are just for mums, but would suit family and friends. Have a look and see if there’s anything you would like your family to get for you. Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away.


I was invited to this event and given a goodie bag of gifts for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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