Are Super Loop Bands as Good as Loom Bands?

Super Loop Bands

You may have heard of a little something called Loom Bands. Well, I have had enough of them. I find them all over my damn house. Under the sofa, behind the bin, in beds and scattered all over the floor. So when I was approached to review these Interplay MyStyle Super Loop Bands, I was a bit hesitant. But my  six-year old daughter, Moozles, loves making jewelry so I thought we’d give it a go.

The first thing I noticed was that the box was much bigger than it needed to me. You could have fit three times the amount of loop bands as were in the box. And as each kit is priced at £9.99, I think there should have been more bands. But to be fair, the bands do look to be of a much better quality than the average loom band.

There was a clear instruction booklet which showed how to make the bracelets. Moozles loved these loop bands. They are bigger and thicker than regular loom bands. She made the bracelets with her fingers, and without using a loom. The colours were vibrant. The s-clips were sturdy and silver.

Although this product is aimed towards children eight and over, Moozles had no problems using the product by herself. She made three bracelets in about 40 minutes. One for herself, one for a school friend and a bigger/adult-sized for one of her godmothers (the latter used up twice the amount of loop bands). When she took the two small bracelets to school, the other girls went crazy for them. They were charmed by the thick bands and the silver s-clips. My daughter gave both of her bracelets away and several of her friends have asked for these super loop bands for upcoming birthdays. I guess I better get shopping.

Super Loop BandsSuper Loop BandsSuper Loop BandsSuper Loop BandsSuper Loop Bands


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We were sent a box of Super Loop Bands for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Sand Art

photo 1

Since the weather has been sunny and warm, I should probably be writing about all the outdoor activities we’ve been enjoying. Unfortunately, we cannot spend all our time outdoors. Dubz still has a daily nap from 1-3.30pm, so Husband and I often use this time at the weekends to spend quality time with our 6-year old daughter. Last Sunday I was tired and grumpy, so Husband had some Daddy-Daughter time with Moozles, making sand art.

When Moozles turned five, her birthday gifts became 90% craft kits.  This is great because it means that we always have something to do on a rainy day or a quiet afternoon. She received a Bottle Sand Art kit for her sixth birthday a couple of months ago. She needed some initial help from her daddy. He put the sand in some bowls, and showed Moozles how the funnel works. It was quite easy for her to do on her own. I’ve seen similar retailing for £6-£7 and would suit children from the ages of 4-7. I would definitely recommend as a gift for your child or someone else’s. Moozles really enjoyed herself and was proud of her creations (and I got half an hour of peace to de-grumpify).

photo 4 photo 1 (2) photo 3 photo 2 (2) photo 2

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Army of Angels

My five year-old loves doing arts and crafts. She said she wanted to make an angel, so my trusty friend Google helped me find an angel we could make with what we had at home. We don’t have any paper plates, and those seem to be the most popular item to use to make angels. But we do have loo rolls, lots and lots of loo rolls. So if you want an easy Christmassy craft, this is how you make a Christmas Angel.

1. You need one or more clean loo (or paper towel) rolls.
2. Paint the loo roll outside, and inside if you feel like it. Leave to dry on the side.
3. Fold paper in half. Draw and cut out the shape for the angel’s wings. No worries if a bit wonky.
4. Colour, draw or put stickers on the front and back of wings. Alternately, you could glue some feathers or tissue paper on the wings.
5. Draw and cut a round shape for the head. Your child will probably need help with this, as it’s a bit tougher drawing a circle.
6. Draw in a face and hair onto the circle.
7. Draw and cut a halo if you want (we didn’t).

My daughter is very pleased with the angels and we have decorated our hallway cabinet with them. Happy Christmas!