Top 10 Dino-tastic Gifts

Top 10 Dino-tastic Gifts

Dubz has mostly been playing with his sister’s hand-me-down toys. But in the past six months, he has shown a great love of dinosaurs, with the occasional interest in knights, dragons and pirates. Last week Dubz celebrated his third birthday. Besides throwing him a dinosaur-themed birthday party, we needed to ensure that he received some super cool dinosaur gifts.

Rather than spending hours searching all over the internet, I found the first half of these items through Find-A-Present-UK. You can search by recipient or occasion, and it shows you where the items are available at and the various costs. It made the process go much quicker. I will definitely use the site again, and I can see it being especially useful when buying Christening and Christmas presents.

These gifts would probably be most suitable for children aged two through five.  Please note that I haven’t included any books as I recently published a post on dinosaur books, but I will probably write a follow-up post soon.


1. Personalised Dinosaur Lunch Bag, £12.75

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsIt is super cute, has an adjustable strap and is the perfect size for a lunchtime picnic. Dubz has been carrying the bag around the house and keeping snacks in them.

It only took five days, from the day it was ordered, to delivery, which is amazing considering it is personalised.


2. Dinosaur Train DVD, £4.00

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsWe had never watched Dinosaur Train until I bought this DVD last week. It is actually quite informational, and a paleontologist comes on after every episode offering further insight. We don’t normally buy television shows on DVD, but there aren’t any dinosaur films that Dubz enjoys. If you do know of any good dinosaur films for young children, please give me a shout.

3. Think Pink Dinosaur Rucksack & Umbrella, £25

Dubz already has a dTop 10 Dino-tastic Giftsinosaur backpack, but this rucksack and umbrella combo are just so much cuter. I didn’t buy these for him for his birthday, but they would make a great Christmas gift (surely one can’t have too many dinosaur bags).

Through Find-A-Present.UK , I saw that these items were also available through Amazon and you can purchase them individually, which is also a great option if you don’t need both the rucksack an the umbrella.

 4. Paint Your Own Money Box Dinosaur, £4.99

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsWe love a good ‘paint your own’ in our household. Not only is it a gift, but it is also an activity. Great for a rainy day. And when the kids ask what colour they should paint the stegosaurus, point out that we don’t know what colour the dinosaurs were so they can be any colour the child wants. Not just playing, but learning. *pats self on back*

5.  Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex, £14.99

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsThough Dubz has several favourite dinosaurs, T-Rex is his absolute favourite. And what small child wouldn’t want a giant dinosaur (is about 5 feet tall). Dubz has been carrying his around, and calls him ‘my pet’. Check him out in the photo at the top, having a cuddle. Unless you have a very gentle child, this dinosaur will need some inflation daily.

6. Scootaheadz Dinosaur: Green, £14.99

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsDubz inherited Moozles’ pink Microscooter. Obviously he is not fussed about the colour, but we thought adding a dinosaur decoration would make the scooter feel more like his and not just another hand-me-down. It is of a very high quality and I am surprised that it did not cost more. The scary, but smiley, teeth are a really nice touch.

7. Dinosaur Train Roar n’ React Boris, £19.03

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsI was surprised at how big and sturdy this dinosaur was, considering its cost. Dubz is loving having this T-Rex to play with. He also loves that it makes roaring noises and talks. Apparently it interacts with only other dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train, so we will be getting another one–maybe the stegosaurus or the triceratops. My only gripe is that there isn’t an off button.

8. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set, £8.00

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsDubz loves drawing, but his skills are limited as he is barely three. Mostly he draws a big circle, with a face and a hat, and says it is a ‘monster’. But as he adores dinosaurs, these stamps will help him to be creative about dinosaurs on paper. And as they are packaged so nicely, you could take this out for a day at the grandparents without worrying about ink at the bottom of your handbag.

9. Travis Designs Dinosaur Dressing-Up Costume, £25

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsThis is absolutely gorgeous, and is definitely going on the Christmas list. Rather than in the usual costume format, this is a cape. It looks like it would be much more comfortable and easier to play in. It is machine-washable, and has the cutest spikes and tail EVER.

This is available at both John Lewis and Amazon, though they are almost sold out at the latter.

10. Orchard Toys Big Dinosaur Puzzle, £9.75

Top 10 Dino-tastic GiftsPuzzles are great, not just for aiding in critical thinking, but also for hand-eye coordination. This one features loads of dinosaurs, including some baby dinosaurs hatching out of eggs. I’m adding this to the Christmas list!



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We were given a voucher from Find-A-Present.UK to try out their site. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Our Favourite Dinosaur Books

Our Favourite Dinosaur BooksAs you all know, Dubz is obsessed with ‘dino-roars’. Since I have already written about his favourite pieces of dinosaur clothing, I thought I would let you know about our most loved dinosaur books.

1. T-Rex Terror (Parragon Books) is more of a comic than a book. This is not one of the books Dubz likes me to read to him. But Dubz loves looking at the pictures. The dinosaurs are pretty tough looking and they are quite rambunctious.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books2. When Dinosaurs Came With Everything is the book that I read most days. Dubz adores this book. Someone gave it to us when Moozles was little, but she was never interested. The book’s premise is that one day dinosaurs are given away with everything – at the doctor’s, at the barber’s and at the bakery, much to one boy’s excitement. And his mother’s dismay.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books3. Travel Back Through Time To The Land of Dinosaurs (Parragon Books) is our newest book. Dubz has been carrying it around with him since we got it last week. It is partly an activity book and partly a fact book. Dubz (who will be turning three in May) is too young to complete the activities. But he enjoys having me read the facts, and he loves going through the book and naming the dinosaurs.

4. How To Grow A Dinosaur is one of our favourite books. The book centres around Albie (there are a few books in the series) who has a very vivid imagination. But is it his imagination, or do these amazing things really happen to him. Instead of planting a vegetable patch with his mum, has Albie planted a jungle complete with dinosaurs? Dubz adores this book (we have another Albie book which is also a favourite).

Do you have any favourite dinosaur books? I’m always interested in finding more books for Dubz, so would love to hear your recommendations.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books
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We were sent ‘T-Rex Terror’ and ‘Travel Back Through Time to the Land of Dinosaurs’ for the purpose of the review. We are Parragon Book Buddies. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.