Disney’s Fit to Dance

Fit to Dance

Did I tell you about the time I went for a boogie with Peter Andre? Well, actually, Moozles, Dubz and I went to an event to promote Fit to Dance and Peter Andre was there as their ambassador. But still, we boogied in the same room. Surely that counts. Anyway, Fit to Dance is a new programme brought out by the lovely people at Disney On Ice. They are encouraging children to create stories through dance. This in turn encourages children to be more active as well as to use their imaginations.

When we arrived at the event, Moozles was so nervous. She was worried that she wouldn’t do a good job of dancing. But the lovely dancers from Disney on Ice stressed that we were dancing for fun, and that anyone could take part. The children came up with ideas for their story, chose their characters and their movement, and were even able to put together their own costumes. Dubz was feeling shy, so he just sat next to me eating apples. But Moozles had a brilliant time. Not only did she enjoy the dancing, but she loved the creative aspect of helping to create the story.

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