Fit By 40 – June Update

Fit by 40 - June Update

I have been on my healthy living/fitness regime for three and a half months now. And I have to admit that I am struggling. This past month has been difficult. Rather than having one day off at the weekend, I have been having two or three days off. And I took about two weeks off during the May half-term. But despite my love of sugar and carbs, I have continued going to the gym two or three times a week so the month hasn’t gone too badly.

My last weigh-in was last week on Wednesday. At that time I had lost four pounds for the month, bringing my weight loss grand total to 22 pounds. Last month I was disappointed by my four-pound loss. But this month I am not surprised by the small loss as I don’t think my body could continue with the half stone losses each month.

And although my clothes have been fitting better (and I have been able to wear some old clothes), I don’t think I look like I have lost any weight. Obviously it is tough to notice when you have a lot of weight to lose. But I feel like this is effecting my motivation.

This week we are on holiday, so I have been off the diet since last Friday. But I hope to return to my healthy living regime on Sunday. And I am hoping to reduce my cheat days back to once a week. I have seven weeks remaining until my 40th birthday and still have over a stone to lose. Yikes! If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.


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Fit By 40 – March Update

Fit by 40 - March

One month ago, I had a little freak out. I realised that I would be turning 40 in exactly six months. I am not the kind of person who cares too much about their age. My life isn’t measured by my age, but by happiness. But there is one part of my life that I am unhappy with. My weight. I am still carrying almost three stone of baby weight from when I was pregnant with Dubz.

For long-term readers, you might remember that I began a healthy living regime in July 2015. By mid September I had lost 13 pounds and was so proud of myself. But then I began to feel overwelmed by fatigue. I was having problems sleeping and waking up in the morning. I was suffering from a lot of pain in my hands and feet, which made exercise difficult. I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency, which meant that I needed to focus on feeling better rather than worrying about the baby weight.

So last month, when I realised that I had half a year until my milestone birthday, I felt determined. My Vitamin D levels have risen closer to a normal level, and I am feeling more energetic. Unfortunately I had gained back 12 pounds that had been lost last summer. But rather than dwell on the number (15 stone, eek), I decided to focus on the next few months. So, I’ve started going to a weekly yoga class. I joined a gym a few days ago. And I’ve cut out bread, pasta and most sugar from my diet (it’s a modified Paleo diet). I will give myself a cheat day every couple of weeks, but I will mostly eat healthily.

I’ve lost seven pounds in the past 2 1/2 weeks. I’m proud of this. And hopefully the weight loss will continue. In exactly five months, I will turn 40. I will be posting once or twice a month, as I get closer to the big day. Join me and see how the weight loss is going. And if you have any tips, on diet or exercise, I would love to hear from you!


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Working It Out in 2014

I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I feel like if you have things you want to sort out in your lives, just do it. But this year, I have one. Losing. Weight. I started on a diet and exercise regime at the end of July 2013, but on the 1st August I fell down the stairs and broke my toe. It has taken months for that damn toe to feel 75% better. Then on the 2nd December 2013, I had a laparoscopy. Cue more recuperation. Meaning cue more eating and less activity and gaining more weight.

But I’m finally feeling better, and coincidentally it is the 1st of January 2014. So I have booked a weekly Pilates equipment class beginning the Sunday after next. And I’m thinking about booking another Pilates course so that I will be attending twice a week. 

Check if your teacher has an appropriate qualification, such as one from the Pilates Foundation

Tomorrow I will be doing a very healthy food shop. And I will be reducing my carbs, increasing the vegetables and cutting out the sugar beginning this Saturday. I find that carbs aggravate my endometriosis. But I could eat toast, pasta and rice all day. I have decided that I will only have carbs once a day. And I eat chocolate or biscuits everyday, which is not necessary for my well-being. So those are going.

My unhealthy diet and the almost non-existent exercise are adding to my lack of sleep. I go to bed at around 12.30am most nights, which isn’t great considering I am up at 7am most mornings. If I was eating healthier, then I wouldn’t be so buzzed on sugar at night and could get to bed at a reasonable time.

I have two stone of baby weight and half a stone of ‘extra’ weight that need to be eradicated. I will keep you up to date. It’s more than a resolution. I am really ready for this. A new year, and an old me.