Even though I have lived in the UK for over 11 years, I still sometimes forget British words. Yesterday at Chessington, I told my husband that the bottle of water cost two dollars. Then I called chips ‘fries’. Half the time, I pronounce tomato in the American way. I have had to recently explain to my daughter that I pronounce some things differently because I’m from America but that she should pronounce things like daddy or her friends. I don’t want her to be ridiculed for saying things in a ‘weird’ way, but she wants to do everything like me. I don’t think I’ll ever say everything the British way and I don’t want to. I like my Americanisms. So rather than going for a little lie down on the sofa to watch some telly, I think I’ll go veg out on the couch and watch some TV. Peace Out!

The Queen’s English

For some reason my husband and I refer to our daughter as Moozles but we don’t call her that to her face. Anyway, when I was Moozles’ age (5 1/2), I was in my first year of school (Kindergarten) which I only attended from 9am-12pm. At that point I knew my ABCs, but don’t think I did much apart from painting and drawing. Moozles is in her second year of school, Year One, (9am-3.15pm) and seems to be learning everything and is already reading quite well. Yesterday afternoon, I listened to her read this week’s school reading books. Although she read all the words without much difficulty, she has started pronouncing ‘the’ as ‘der’. My British husband reckons that this is from my American accent confusing her. Um, excuse me? I have never in all my years pronounced ‘the’ as ‘der’. In fact, my American accent is lovely and I’m the only one in the house who speaks clearly. 
What am I to do? I already pronounce zebra and tomato like the British. Am I now suppose to speak in a British accent? I can only do a super posh British accent which wouldn’t go with the rest of the family. Hopefully it’s just a phase and Moozles will speak like other British people soon enough.