My Quirky Cool Bathroom

I took the Great British Home Quiz and it determined that my home style was Quirky Cool. I was quite pleased with this. I love mixing vintage and contemporary, and love light, airy spaces and vibrant accessories. We are decorating our house in a mid-century modern style so I am trying to keep things simple and bright, but with a retro feel.

The renovations on our first-floor bathroom finished two days ago. I will wait a few seconds for you to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. We bought our 1890s terraced house last year and have been slowly fixing one room at a time. The first-floor bathroom did not have a bathtub, and we wondered if we could even get one to fit. Although the bathroom on the second floor has a bathtub, it was inconvenient to go up and down the stairs with two kids (one a baby then toddler). 

The previous owners renovated the house in the 1970s, which isn’t the decade known for the best style, plus they were really big into pine. The first-floor bathroom is small, but made smaller with all of the boxing. We have, amazingly, managed to squeeze in a normal size bathtub, and now have a nice family bathroom. I got a funky bathmat but still need to find a simple shelf, a mid-century mirror (similar to what we have in our hallway) and a cool piece of art. This means I will be hitting some charity and second-hand shops to finish the look.

What do you think of my new bathroom? Take the quiz and let me know what your home style is.

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