I wrote a rather ranty, grumpy post earlier. Then this afternoon on Twitter, I saw Mum Turned Mom’s linky about Happiness. It was just what I needed to pull myself out of this funk. I had spent all week feeling underappreciated and overworked. But really, things are not so bad. 

Yes, my son has wanted my full attention and it has made things like cooking dinner and tidying quite difficult. Yes, my daughter had had a few tantrums and called me ‘evil’ (I had told her to wash her hands after school). Yes, Husband has had to work late a couple of times and hadn’t been that helpful at the weekend. But, my son has been extra sweet and wanting lots of cuddles. One day he won’t want to cuddle his mummy loads. My daughter has had her sweet moments and told me that I am the ‘best mummy in the world’. Husband has made us dinner most nights and has taken today off to spend as a family.

My life is happy. My children are happy. My marriage has mostly been happy–though there was that one time where Husband had an affair in my dream. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is easy. I don’t have much time on my own. But one day I will have too much time. One day my children will have their own lives and I will look back and miss these precious days.