Weight Loss, Week Four

Diet ChefMy Healthy Living Lucky Dip is in its fourth week. I have been following the Diet Chef programme for the past three weeks and am quite happy with the results. And I’m not the only one. Husband has been on the Diet Chef plan as well so I thought I would conduct a mini-interview so you can see how he is doing.

Favourite part of Diet Chef: I really enjoy the breakfasts and dinners. I use the My Fitness Pal app to check exactly how many calories I consume. I normally get to eat more calories because I ride my bicycle to and from work on most days.
Least Favourite part of Diet Chef: I miss eating sandwiches for lunch. I wish there was an option to just order breakfasts, dinners and snacks.
Tips for anyone planning to order Diet Chef: Order for longer than just 28 days. There are so many choices, when it comes to ordering your meals. I now know which meals I love and which meals I am not bothered about eating again. 
Weight Loss: 6 pounds in three weeks.
photo 4 photo 3 Diet Chef Diet Chef

I lost two pounds last week, which has given me an eight-pound weight loss from Diet Chef alone (12-pound total loss). My trousers are feeling looser and my tummy does not stick out as much as it did. I am a bit sad that I only have one week left of Diet Chef, as I am nervous that other weight loss regimes won’t be as successful. But I will work hard this last week and hopefully the weight loss will continue.

Total Weight Loss
14 July: 15 stone 1
21 July: 14 stone 12 (four pounds lost)
(diet holiday)
5 August: 14 stone 12
12 August: 14 stone 8 (four pounds lost)
19 August: 14 stone 6 (two pounds lost)
26 August: 14 stone 4 (two pounds lost)
Diet Chef 
I was given a 28-day supply of Diet Chef for the purpose of my weekly reviews. Husband paid for his own. All opinions expressed are completely my own, unless they are his.

Weight Loss, Week Three

Diet Chef scale

So here I am, three weeks into my healthy eating regime and two weeks into Diet Chef. I won’t save the big reveal for the end. I knew it would not be another four-pound loss like the previous week. I lost two pounds! I was quite pleased with this, especially as I took a day off for my birthday. I’m now moving a bit further away from the 15 stone mark which has really encouraged me. I’m still really enjoying the Diet Chef meals and I love the freedom it gives me in the way of fruit, vegetables and side dishes (pasta or rice or couscous, etc).

What I found about taking the day off of Diet Chef is that I did not eat as much as I would have in the past. I had small portions for breakfast and lunch, and ate fruit as my snacks. But then it was birthday cake time and Husband served me a huge slice of chocolate cake. Husband then made a lovely steak dinner (which included a large glass of red wine), which I could have stopped eating before I finished my plate. But I could not waste such a gorgeous steak. It did get me to thinking why many of us link fatty foods with birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Why can’t we have a small low-calorie meal and enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of water?

I would have felt guilty for my birthday splurge, but I had done a 50-minute Pilates workout that afternoon which left me sore for days. I’ve bought a yoga mat and have started doing Pilates and yoga a couple of times a week. I would like to eventually squeeze in some exercise every other day, but I am starting slow. I have had back problems for years and only managed to lessen them a few years ago when I saw the physio and took up Pilates Reformer (machine-based Pilates). But then I got pregnant with my second child and gained the three stone that I am only now trying to lose.

Anyway, I am attempting to strengthen the muscles in my legs and core so that my back is not doing all the work. I am trying out different workouts on Youtube (which I can watch on my television and which are accessed through my Virgin Media cable). I already do a fair bit of walking, with the kids, and often while pushing a buggy. And once I’m stronger, I plan to add some medium-impact workouts into the mix.

Come see how I get on next week!

Total Weight Loss
14 July: 15 stone 1
21 July: 14 stone 12 (four pounds lost)
(diet holiday)
5 August: 14 stone 12
12 August: 14 stone 8 (four pounds lost)
19 August: 14 stone 6 (two pounds lost)


I was given a 28-day supply of Diet Chef for the purpose of my weekly reviews. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Weight Loss, Week Two

I have just finished the second week of my Healthy Living Lucky Dip. Last Tuesday I began a 28-day trial of Diet Chef. I have written an overview of how Diet Chef works here. Basically it is a calorie-controlled meal delivery service. And as Husband wants to lose weight too, he ordered a 28-day  package. We picked which meals we wanted, on the Diet Chef website, the meals were delivered and our diets began.

photo 3 (1)

This past week has gone pretty well. I was hungry the first two days, but then my stomach adjusted to normal-sized portions. Diet Chef gives you three meals and one snack for each day. The three meals work out to about 800-900 calories in total. The snacks are all about 100 calories. Then you add whichever fruit and vegetables you like. You can be tough and have 1200 calories a day, but I have been consuming 1400.

I am starting to see a difference in the way my clothing fits. Things are feeling looser, which is wonderful. I still have a long way to go, but it is really motivating to see a difference.  I have found most of the food to be delicious, which also keeps me from cheating. I have mentioned before that Husband and I have difficulty eating healthy (we both love pudding and anything made out of chocolate). But we were able to pick some chocolate snacks which help satiate our sweet tooths.

Diet Chef photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

I was very happy when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday to reveal that I had lost four pounds. I don’t expect this loss every week, but this has been a great start to Diet Chef. Check back next week to see how my progress continues.

Total Weight Loss
14 July: 15 stone 1
21 July: 14 stone 12 (four pounds lost)
(diet holiday)
5 August: 14 stone 12
12 August: 14 stone 8 (four pounds lost)


My Healthy Living Lucky Dip Continues with Diet Chef

I am not sure why I decided to start my healthy eating regime during the summer. I can see why normal people begin weight loss programmes in January and avoid ice cream in favour of spinach when it is cold and grey. But not me. But despite the fact that I’d like to be eating ice cream every day (preferably mint chocolate chip), I have actually lost some weight. I started my first week on a meal delivery service called Total Diet Food. Very healthy, wholesome food and I lost four pounds.

I then had two weeks of holiday when my daughter finished school. I tried to do some ballet workouts, but I could not keep it up during the week we spent at my in-laws’. I showed some restraint, however I ate about five ice creams. Whoops. I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed myself last Tuesday morning to find that I hadn’t put on any weight. So last Tuesday I happily began Diet Chef in the hope that I would continue losing weight.

Diet Chef are a meal delivery service that offer prepackaged calorie-controlled food to your door. Since I would be doing it for 28 days, Husband decided to give it a go too. He gained a stone during each of my pregnancies (I guess he took the ‘we are pregnant’ thing too literally). We went on the Diet Chef website and picked out 28 days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. We both liked being able to choose which items we wanted to eat. I ordered a lot of muesli, and Husband opted for cereal bars as he is often in a rush to cycle to work. We both dislike red peppers and didn’t pick any of the meals that contained them.

Diet Chef

The above is an example of a day’s food budget, minus the fruit and vegetables. Luxury Muesli for breakfast, Oxtail Soup for lunch, Oat Bar with Chocolate for a snack and Pork Meatballs for dinner. Delicious, filling meals, and I don’t have to worry about thinking too hard about my caloric total for the day.

The food is delivered in one big box. We cleared off our sideboard and put the boxes there so we have easy access to our food. I have put our snacks in one bag and our breakfasts in another bag, inside the box, to help keep things better organised. Since we’re both renowned diet cheats, it helps knowing that most of our food is in those boxes so there is no need to rummage around the kitchen cabinets. The only extras we are allowed are fruit, vegetables and milk/yoghurt.

photo 2

Check back on Wednesday to see how my first week of Diet Chef has gone.


Diet Chef have given me 28 days of their meal delivery service for the purpose of my reviews. Husband paid for his own. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Weight Loss, Week One

photo 1

Last week, in my attempt to lose weight and get healthy, I began a Healthy Living Lucky Dip. I will be trying out different healthy eating and diet regimes for the next three months in a bid to lose my baby weight. Last Monday I tried a personalised meal delivery plan called Total Diet Food. Every morning for five days, I had a hamper of food waiting on my door step. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks which had all been freshly prepared for me the day before. Everything came in its own container, so can be used at home, work or even the park.

photo 2

The week before I spoke to Ben at TDF and discussed my dietary issues (lactose-intolerant) and food dislikes (peppers/capsicums and feta cheese). I was put on a 1600 calorie per day diet which was free from dairy and which contained almost no gluten. I was a bit nervous about the calorie restriction as I have been living a life with no food restrictions. Endless cups of tea and chocolate bars to give me energy to get through the day, plus some of the kids’ dinner before a late dinner with Husband.

I don’t normally eat breakfast until after I have gotten home from the school run @9.15am. But with the plan I had food which was ready to be eaten and I was able to eat it while I made my daughter’s packed lunch. This really helped with my energy levels. I did feel hungry the first two days. But by the third day there were no hunger pangs. I had plenty of energy and was sleeping better than I have done in a very long time. Have a look at some of the tasty things I ate.


photo 1 photo 2

photo 4


photo 3 photo 1


photo 4

photo (23)


photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

I don’t think I have ever eaten so many healthy meals. I had plenty of fruit and vegetables every day (I somehow did not take any photos of the fruit that I had as snacks), as well as plenty of protein (such as chicken, duck, cod, salmon and sea bream). And instead of my usual white rice and white pasta, I ate couscous, bulgur wheat and gluten-free noodles. The only downside of the diet is that I seemed to need the toilet more than usual, if you know what I mean. *blushes*

On Saturday morning, after five days on the Total Diet Food plan, I weighed myself. And what a shock. I went from 15 stone 1 to 14 stone 12, beginning my weight loss journey with a loss of four pounds. Woohoo.

weight scale 3

So,  I can definitely recommend TDF. The food was delicious, healthy and fresh. Last week I was faced with a mums’ coffee morning that was full of cookies and pastries as well as a playgroup party full of cake and biscuits. And I wasn’t even tempted to cheat. Normally on a calorie-counting system, I can justify a sweet treat or two. But knowing I had delicious food at home kept me from cheating,

If you need a little help with your healthy eating or weight-loss goals, you can get 10% off your first order at Total Diet Food by quoting ‘CalifornianMum10’. TDF also offer a five-day introductory plan for £135.


Family Fever
I was given the opportunity to trial TDF for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

Healthy Living Lucky Dip

photo (17)

I have been struggling with my weight ever since my youngest child was born. I gained a whopping three stone when I was pregnant with Dubz (that’s an extra 19 kilo/42 pounds). His birth lost me one stone. I expected to lose the rest of the weight quickly, like I did with his sister. But breastfeeding Dubz (for 10 months!) unleashed a powerful hunger that only whole cheesecakes could appease. I get so annoyed when people talk about how breastfeeding burns loads of calories. It just made me hungrier than I had ever been in my life.

I expected to lose the weight last year but then I fell down the stairs and broke my toe. A few months later I had a laparoscopy for my endometriosis. All that recovering time meant a lot of time stuffing my face. And here I am, at the at the biggest non-pregnant weight of my life (at the weight I was when I went into labour with Dubz). So now is the time to get serious.

I’ve decided to try a few different diet/healthy eating plans, a bit like a lucky dip. You won’t know what I will choose next. But if there is a diet or a exercise you would like me to try, let me know. As long as I am left with enough energy to take care of two young children, I will give it a go (that means NO to the Cabbage Soup Diet). Dukan? Paleo? Zumba? Ballet?

In the next three months, I’ll be trying different things, randomly. Seeing what works. Seeing what doesn’t. And hopefully the variety will keep me interested. And hopefully some weight loss will keep me motivated. This week I am trying Total Diet Food meal delivery service. I won’t really be exercising as my body gets accustomed to such fewer calories (1600 calories per day rather than my usual 2500). Check back on Sunday/Monday for the first of my weekly updates.

This week I am linking up to All About You. Check out the yoga queen that is Mama – And More for sun salutations and other bloggers writing all about themselves.


Healthy Living Progress, Week 1

It has been one week since I started healthy living. I’ve walked the school run at least once a day (total of 40 minutes of walking, whilst pushing a buggy). I’ve reduced carbs and dairy and mostly cut out sugar. I also haven’t had a drop of booze since the 31st December 2013. I did have a Cadbury Creme Egg last week when I got my period, but I’m only human.

Yesterday I returned to the world of Pilates, though Husband calls it ‘stretching’. I began a weekly Pilates Reformer course. All the muscles in my legs and arms are aching today, so I know it’s working. Considering I spent the last five months of 2013 recovering from my broken toe, I have been ridiculously active this past week. But it feels good to be helping myself towards a healthier lifestyle.

The toughest part of my new healthy lifestyle is not having chocolate, cake or biscuits every day. I miss having a yummy Digestive biscuit with a cup of tea in the afternoon, not to mention a nice pudding after dinner. But I think my chocolate/sugar addiction was contributing to problems getting to sleep, which was leading to being tired and needing sugar to pick myself up during the day. I have been sleeping much better this week so I know it’s working, which is helping me fight off the cravings.

Have you made any resolutions for 2014? How is it going? Have you had any stumbles?