Our Favourite Summer Ginghams

Our Favourite Summer Ginghams

Summertime in the UK doesn’t just mean ice cream and paddling pools. It also means summer term at school. For girls in infant and junior school, that means ditching the school pinafores, skirts and trousers in favour of gingham dresses. Moozles, who is seven, loves gingham dresses, so I thought I would share our four favourite  tried and tested dresses.

1. Best Non-Iron Dress, Marks & Spencer

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsThis dress is utterly lovely. The frilled hem adds a sweet and feminine touch. And you can shake it out after it’s been washed and dried, hang it up and it is ready to wear. How I loathe ironing.

Plus, this dress has a belt. Moozles loves tying and re-tying belts, as do many of her friends. Costs £10-£14, depending on the age of the child.


2. Best Dress to Put On/Take Off Easily, Asda

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsA zip makes a school dress so much easier when you have a little girl. As Moozles is seven, she doesn’t have problems buttoning her clothes. But having a dress with a zip makes life easier when kids have to undress for PE and/or swimming. It also makes getting ready for school a bit easier/quicker in the mornings if your little girls isn’t great at using buttons.

Also, the zip makes the dress look quite cute and sporty. And at £4, it is a bargain.


3. Best Value Dress, Sainsbury’s

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsFor £5, you cannot get a nicer gingham dress. It is pretty, has the much coveted belt, washes well and doesn’t need an iron. And the heart-shaped buttons are a very nice touch. And if you buy it when Sainsbury’s is running a 25% off discount, then you are getting a true bargain.

The only downside is that you cannot order clothes online or reserve them from Sainsburys so you will have to chance whether they have the dress in stock.


4. Best Ethical Dress, Eco Outfitters (top picture)

Our Favourite Summer GinghamsMost gingham dresses are made of a cotton-poly blend. But this dress is made from 100% organic cotton. This is the best dress if your child has sensitive skin. Wearing synthetic fabrics can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema.

Although this dress is the most expensive on my list (it is currently on sale for £15.95), it is the only one that is ethically made. Not only is it grown organically, but the spinning, dyeing and printing processes used are also to a high organic standard. But please note that these dresses looked quite creased after washing – the lack of polyester means that they will need to be ironed. Or you could do what I did and throw a jumper on the girl, and she looked fine. 😉




We were given a summer dress from Eco Outfitters for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Such A Cool Girl

Such a Cool Girl

Moozles, who turns seven in April, has a favourite word: cool. Apparently everything good is ‘cool’. And when she likes an outfit, that is ‘cool’ as well. On Sunday we met up with Husband’s family for lunch at Tom’s Kitchen in Somerset House. So Moozles dressed up in some cool clothes.

I recently bought the kids some new Springtime clothes from H&M. I have to buy clothes in size 8-9 as Moozles is tall, but the clothes fit beautifully. I buy 90% of Moozles’ leggings/treggings from H&M, as they keep their shape really well and have great prints. Moozles’ above outfit is almost entirely from H&M. The faux fur jacket is her old one from Matalan (I accidentally grabbed it rather than her new one, oops). It is a size 5-6 so obviously small on her, and gives her an accidental rock chick vibe.

If your little girl would like a similar outfit, then have a look below (click on the pic and it will take you to it on the H&M website). The jumper is thin so she wears it with a long sleeve underneath. But she can wear it on its own in the Spring and Summer. Her treggings above are now sold out, but there are still some other lovely ones on the site. The suede pink boots get dirty so quickly, but they are a great transition shoe from Winter to Spring. And as you might be aware, my daughter is a great lover of the colour pink.

such a cool girl such a cool girlsuch a cool girl



What’s the Matter with Pink?

What's the matter with pink?

I’m not talking about the pop princess, Pink, singer of hit songs such as ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘Just Give Me A Reason’. I’m talking about the colour pink. Apparently, when I wasn’t paying attention, pink became a villain. Apparently girls shouldn’t like pink. Pink means we’re too girly. Pink means we won’t be taken seriously. Pink means we’re not equal to men.

Traditionally, little girls were dressed in pink. Pink frilly dresses, that they had to keep clean, and pink bows in their hair, which they had to keep tidy. But the dresses, over time, have changed in colour. And dresses have changed to jeans and dungarees (that’s overalls to my American friends). And now little girls can wear anything.

But with the opportunity to wear anything, there has come a backlash against pink. People are now having baby girls and are only buying clothes that come in yellow, grey or rainbow. Plus now there are dresses with dinosaurs, trucks and pirates. This is all well and good, but what if your child doesn’t like those things? Sure, when they are babies they will wear whatever you put them in. But a toddler is a different story. They want control – of their food and toys and clothes.

So what do you do when your stylish monochrome-clad little girl wants to wear pink? Is it something to argue about? Do you tell her that there are no pink dresses in her size? Do you settle for fuchsia rather than a pale pink? Can you accept that wearing pink dresses won’t limit your daughter’s potential? She can still be a scientist or an engineer or even the Prime Minister. My girl loves pink. Pink clothes, pink shoes, pink walls, pink bed. And I don’t believe that will hold her back. As long as Moozles knows that it is what’s on the inside that counts, she can wear whatever she wants.


Pisamonas Shoes for Mummy and Mini-me

Pisamonas Shoes for Mummy and Mini-me

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love matching each other and they love matching me. Last summer I bought some matching jelly sandals for Moozles and me. Poor Dubz was so disappointed to be left out. But it is tough finding matching shoes for boys and girls and mummies.

Luckily we have just discovereShoes for Mummy and Mini-mesd Pisamonas. Pisamonas is a Spanish online shoe shop that specialises in stylish and affordable shoes for babies, children and women. They are new to the UK market, and are offering gorgeous, well-made shoes. Deliveries and exchanges are always free. I think these brown Safari Chukka boots would look fab on Moozles, Dubz and me. What do you think?

Obviously, you can buy different shoes for each child. But it’s nice to finally have the choice. As a ‘Welcome to the UK’ gift, Pisamonas are offering £10 off new orders (£40 minimum spend). The only problem is to decide which shoes to buy.

Pisamonas Shoes for Mummy and Mini-mePisamonas Shoes for Mummy and Mini-mePisamonas Shoes for Mummy and Mini-me


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Dinosaur Style

dinosaur style

Dubz loves dinosaurs. I mean, he really loves dinosaurs. Besides playing with dinosaurs, every morning when you go into his room (rather than saying good morning), he says ‘wear dino-roar now’. And despite often wearing dinosaur pyjamas, he likes to get out of his pjs and into day clothes. And those day clothes involve dinosaur tops and sometimes his dinosaur harems.

My son’s very favourite top, is from Boden (below). We bought it last year and they no longer sell it. I think I need to find another one on ebay as he wants to wear it everyday.

My Sunday Butterfly

As I’m always on the lookout for dinosaur clothing, I thought I would share some of my finds in case you have a little one who is also a dinosaur-lover. H&M and Boden have especially cute items, and many of their clothing are unisex which is fab if your dinosaur-lover is a girl.

Hoody, H&M, £9.99

dinosaur style

Pyjamas, H&M, 7.99

dinosaur styleBoard Shorts, Boden, £22-£26

dinosaur style

Sweatshirt, Boden, £20-£24

dinosaur style

Wellies, Peacock’s, £7

dinosaur style

If you have seen any cute dinosaur clothing, give me a shout.


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Coordinated Kids

Coordinated Kids

Do you ever have one of those days where you accidentally coordinate your children or with your partner or even your entire family? This sometimes happens to us. Probably since we all like similar colours, and I buy most of our clothing (Husband will only go clothing shopping once a year). Well, this happened on Sunday. I picked out my daughter’s outfit (she’s not fussed about picking out her clothes as long as she’s wear a dress or a skirt), and my son picked out his own outfit. Although Dubz is only 2 1/2, he has very clear ideas of what he wants to wear. He won’t even let me pick out his socks.

Moozles is wearing a very cute black and grey tartan dress from Sainsburys, and her mustard tights and boots are both from M&S. Dubz is wearing a monster jumper and yellow trousers, also from M&S. Dubz insists on wearing some kind of animal, monster or robot at all times! We got him some new shoes from Clarks last week. They have airplanes which flash a green light. Dubz picked them out, of course.

For regular readers of my blog, you will know that we have struggled to find Dubz a new hat after he lost his beloved summer trilby in September. This trilby is from Matalan, and is for children aged 4-7 (crazy sizing or my son has a big head like his daddy). It was the last hat of its kind and size in our nearest shop, so I will be ordering a couple more of these hats since Dubz loves it so much.

My Trendy TotsLondon Favourites: Tate Modern






What do you think? Are they cutely coordinated? Or should I expand the colour range of the clothes that I buy?

Falling for Fall Looks from John Lewis Kids

Okay, I know that British people call this season ‘autumn’ and not ‘fall’, but for the purpose of alliteration in my title I had to go with ‘Fall’. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will know that I love John Lewis. They’re an all-round great department store and they also have a fab line of kids’ clothing. John Lewis Boy, John Lewis Girl, Kin by John Lewis and the new Donna Wilson for John Lewis range – these lines are fashionable without breaking the bank.

I have picked out some of my favourite items from the kids’ autumn clothing. The girls’ clothes range from ultra feminine to funky tomboy to Scandi-cool. My six-year old daughter, Moozles, edges towards the latter two so these are our top picks.

Buy John Lewis Girl Brittany Tripple Buckle Hi-Top Trainers Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Girl Herringbone Shorts, Red Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Girl Contrast Sleeve Denim Dress, Light Blue Online at johnlewis.comBuy Donna Wilson for John Lewis Girls' Tree Leggings, Black/Multi Online at johnlewis.comBuy Donna Wilson for John Lewis Stripe Dress, Multi Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Rabbit Ear Muffs, Grey Online at johnlewis.com

Buckle high-top trainers, £19-£20    Herringbone shorts, £16-£18    Denim dress, £20-£22
Tree leggings, £10    Stripe dress, £25    Rabbit ear muffs, £9


Boys’ clothing is a bit more difficult to source. Just because you have a son, it doesn’t mean that he must be dressed for a play in the mud. I like Dubz to wear more than just tracksuit bottoms and hoodies. But he does not want to feel constricted or be dressed too formally. John Lewis have some super cool boys’ fashion. The boys’ hats, gloves and scarves are especially cute. I mean, ridiculously cute. I could probably do an entire post on the accessories alone. But I have included my favourite, the balaclava below (Dubz just adores monsters).

Buy John Lewis Boy Spiders Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Blue Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Boy Robot Jumper, Blue Online at johnlewis.comBuy Kin by John Lewis Colour Block Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Charcoal/Yellow Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Boy Skull and Crossbone Pyjamas, Pack of 2, Blue Online at johnlewis.comBuy Donna Wilson for John Lewis Boys' Badger T-Shirt, Grey Online at johnlewis.comBuy John Lewis Boy Monster Balaclava, Navy/Red Online at johnlewis.com

Spiders t-shirt, £11-£13    Robot jumper, £16-£18    Colour block t-shirt, £10-£12
Skull & crossbones pyjamas, £20-£22    Badger t-shirt, £15    Monster balaclava, £12-£13


So those are my favourite autumnal pieces from the kids’ clothing lines from John Lewis. Do you like the pieces that I’ve picked out? Have you seen any items that are making you get your purse out?


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Aww, Autumn Clothes from M&S

Last Sunday I went to M&S in an extremely last-minute effort to stock up on back-to-school essentials. Instead of buying school shoes for my daughter, I was overcome at the gorgeous autumn collections for both boys and girls.

So I decided to put together my favourite items from M&S. First, the girls’ clothes had a great mix of tough, funky, feminine and cool. There were loads of great items, in mustard, navy and purple. And is there a girl who would not adore the leopard print faux fur coat? My six-year old loves a fur coat, and they are normally roomy enough to last a couple of winters. I expect some of these items, if not all, will end up in my daughter’s wardrobe quite soon.


I was also pleased when I saw the autumnal clothing range for little boys. Boys’ clothes can leave many of us underwhelmed. My two-year old son, Dubz, is quite particular when it comes to what he wears. He loves his clothing to contain animals, monsters and robots. I like him to look nice but to feel comfortable. Have you seen anything cuter than the fox welly boots?


Do you love autumn clothing? Have you started your autumn shopping? Will any of the above items be making their way into your little one’s wardrobe?


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Back to School And Looking Cool

I can’t believe that summer is almost over and that my daughter will be going back to school next Wednesday. I wish I could say that I had sorted out new shoes and new uniforms but I haven’t done a thing. Yikes! I think I may have been in denial that my baby girl is about to begin her final year of infants’ school. From her first day in Reception, Moozles has changed so much.

Back to School

Luckily Moozles can still fit into her summer dresses as she will be wearing those for the first couple of weeks. That gives me an extra week to get her a new skirt, polo tops and a new jacket. But I will have to get the shoes next week. I had a look at the Debenhams website to see if I could get my daughter kitted out for school for £100. I managed to find some great items which won’t break the bank (especially as there is a 20% off sale on back-to-school essentials at the moment).

These shoes are girly and cute, but look like they will be comfy and allow Moozles to run up and down her school’s adventure playground with fervour. Moozles had patent shoes last year and they actually show less scuffs than the plain ones she has had. And at £12.80, I won’t feel distraught if she goes up a shoe size in three months.

This skirt (£7.20) is lovely. I love the pleats, and Moozles adores pockets (you would be surprised how many stones and twigs such a girly girl brings home). Moozles won’t wear school trousers, and can still fit into her pinafore, so a new skirt would be perfect.

Moozles also needs a couple of new polo tops. I thought girls were supposed to be neat, but she normally comes home covered in dirt and paint. Hopefully these tops (two for £5.60) can handle some staining.

Last but not least, Moozles will need a warm winter coat. This one will not only keep her cosy, but is the prettiest shade of pink. At £54.95, it is the priciest thing on our list, but it needs to be of an excellent quality. Moozles’ last winter coat lasted two winters so I am hoping this will do the same.

Moozles isn’t the only one who needs a new school wardrobe. Her little brother Dubz will be starting at the local pre-school three mornings a week, beginning next Friday. *sniff, sniff* Luckily, he will be able to wear his usual clothes. But it would be nice if he had something new on his first day of school. Although he is two, he wears size 3-4 clothing as he is quite tall. Here is a cool outfit he will love but that will be survive the rigors of pre-school. The top and trousers come to £20 so I have reached my £100 limit. But I’m pretty pleased that I have found everything for Moozles and even something for Dubz. Smart clothes for my two little smartypants.

This post is my entry into The Debenhams Back to School Competition on BrummyMummyof2.co.uk.


Summer Dressin’

tulle skirt

We have had lovely summer weather. But with the heat, the kids need to dress to stay cool. In both aspects of the word. Here’s my little gal. She loves a long skirt or dress. And her favourite thing to wear? A tulle, ballet-type skirt! We got this pink number from Marks & Spencer, and it is soft and comfy. Plus I can just throw it in the washing machine. I do not have time for handwashing, and my girl gets messy. We dress the shirt down with a plain tee (as pictured) and crocs. For parties we add party shoes/sandals and a pretty top.

As for Dubz, he is obsessed with shorts. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the weather gets cooler. For now he wears shorts every day. And he has to wear a t-shirt with an animal motif. If any of his shirts are plain, he refuses to wear them. It’s a bit of a pain but I’ve given up fighting. What do you think? Don’t they look happy in their outfits? And cool too!

kids clothes kids clothes 2 shark top

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