My Empty Purse

I find that I now think about money A LOT! I knew, when I chose not to return to work after my second maternity leave, that it would be tough living on one salary. I knew that I would have to get used to going without on certain luxuries. I knew all these things, yet now that I am living with this lifestyle, I still find it a shock sometimes.

Normally I am good at budgeting. I am good at finding deals and saving money. I think most people assume that my British Husband is the thrifty one, and I spend all our money on shoes and handbags. Maybe because I am American, people assume I am a spendthrift. But I am quite the opposite. I rarely buy myself anything, and if I do then I make sure I am getting a bargain. 

But there are times when all I can do is dream of getting a massage/facial or spending the day shopping and buying whatever I like. But they are dreams. And I need to focus on the fact that I get to spend each and every day with my children and I never have to feel guilty about missing milestones. Yes, I get milestones not massages.