What’s In Your Mouth Wednesday


Moozles and I had a Mummy-Daughter Day on Sunday. We used to have these days every few months. But at the tender age of six, I feel like Moozles needs a special day once a month. She has been showing signs of jealousy towards her brother (Dubz is two and utterly cute and hilarious).

So we each decide on one thing we want to do and we have a day out. I picked stationery shopping (Moozles needed pencils for school so we went to the Hema in Kingston – I love that shop!). Moozles wanted to have sushi for lunch. Yo! Sushi is her favourite place to get sushi as she loves watching the food go around on the conveyor belt. Moozles used to only eat cucumber rolls, but now loves raw tuna just like her Mummy. Husband hates fish so it is so nice to have a sushi buddy. I tried to get a nice photo of Moozles having lunch but she was stuffing sushi in her mouth so quickly that most of the photos looked like the above. Still a lovely reminder of our special time.