Mr Tumble’s Circus

Mr Tumble's Circus

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of boring rubbish on children’s telly. And as a parent, you end up watching and listening to much of what your children watch. But I enjoy watching Something Special (we watch 1-2 episodes each day) and the occasional Gigglebiz. I think Justin Fletcher is talented and funny. And his legion of pint-sized fans agree. My 2 1/2 year old, Dubz, is one of them, and he’s obsessed.

I think that Dubz prefers Something Special to other shows because of his hearing problems (he has glue ear). He loves watching and copying the sign language. And we’ve seen a big improvement to how Dubz communicates. This has given me a soft spot for Mr Tumble. I’ve even written about my fascination with Mr Tumble.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that Cbeebies Live are touring the UK during the Easter holidays with Justin & Friends: Mr Tumble’s Circus. As well as the delightful Mr Tumble, the other Tumbles will be there, including everyone’s favourite aunt, Aunt Polly (who taught that lady to do make-up by the way?). As well as some characters from Gigglebiz, Robert the Robot and Little Monster will be there from Justin’s House.

If that wasn’t enough, Cat, Swashbuckler Gem and Andy will also be there. My regular readers know that Dubz is obsessed with dinosaurs, so he will be happy to see Andy. And my six-year old Moozles will be excited to see Gem as she loves Swashbuckle. And both kids do an enthusiastic rendition of the swashbuckler cheer. Argh.

If you want to see Justin and his friends live, go to the Cbeebies Live website to book your tickets. There are also phone numbers on the website for each venue if you’re one of those people who likes to talk to other people. If you’re in the London area, Justin & Friends will be at Wembley Arena on the 4th-5th April. Call/Skype 0844 815 0815 for tickets or go to the Cbeebies Live website.


We are being given tickets to see Justin & Friends live in exchange for this blog post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



There is Something Special about Mr Tumble

There's Something Special about Mr Tumble

My youngest is two years old. And his greatest love, besides me, is Mr Tumble. Dubz watches 3-4 episodes of Something Special every day (please don’t judge, but if you do then you can F*** right off). I don’t think there is just one thing Dubz likes, but he seems especially enamored with Mr Tumble’s red nose and the use of sign language.

But let me be clear, this is not a post bashing Mr Tumble. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I love Mr Tumble. He is kind and silly and funny. He makes my son laugh. And in the past few months, while Dubz has struggled to speak, Mr Tumble’s sign language has engaged him. Dubz has begun to use some sign language and the words have finally come.

But when you’ve watched as many episodes of Something Special as I have, you inevitably have questions.

1. Home – Mr Tumble used to live in a big country manor with his extended family. But he has recently moved to a terrace house. Why has he moved? Did Lord Tumble gamble away the family fortune on a high stakes game of croquet? I know that many people have had to downsize and watch their pennies in this economy, but I wish I knew what exactly had happened.

2. Family – Mr Tumble has such a strange array of relatives. Granddad Tumble is a working class cockney. Lord Tumble is a posh aristocrat. Is Aunt Polly a relation by marriage? Why don’t we know her surname? Fisherman Tumble and Cliff Tumble (the pop star) are also quite random. And what about Mr Tumble’s parents? Did they die in a horrific clowning accident? Or are they travelling the world as international clown spies. Why are they never mentioned? I need to know.

3. Narrator – Who is the child speaking to Mr Tumble and Justin? Is he/she trapped in the telly? Or is he/she a figment of Mr Tumble’s imagination? Instead of laughing along to Mr Tumble, should we consider calling a mental health professional?

4. Justin & Mr Tumble – Why can’t there be an episode where Justin and Mr Tumble hang out? Why are they never in the same place? They seem to know each other, but never spend time together. It makes me wonder if Justin and Mr Tumble are perhaps the same person. Hmmmm.

5. First Names – What is Mr Tumble’s first name? Gary? Rupert? Toby? He is awfully formal for a clown. Why don’t we know everyone’s full name (except for Cliff Tumble)? Is the Tumble name an alias? Are they all on the run from an international drug cartel?

If you, or anyone close to you, knows the answer to any of the above questions please contact me as soon as you can. I can’t handle another night lying awake in bed and wondering.



*Photo credit: BBC website