I Just Want to Be Alone

I have had a fab week. I had a day off from the kids on Wednesday (Husband took care of them while I took care of myself, for once). Then on Thursday night I went to a beauty event at John Lewis for more pampering. On top of that, I have read the funniest book. It is actually an anthology of stories by women writers. It’s like a ‘best of’ blog posts book that literally left me shaking with laughter. 
‘I Just Want to be Alone’ by Some Super Cool Lady Writers is a must-read. Not just super cool but also super funny. This book is filled with essays, from mostly American moms, who have written about the wonderful men in their lives (be they husbands or sons). I was not familiar with most of the writers/bloggers as they are American and I mostly follow European and expat bloggers. But I have found some great new writers to follow on twitter and whose blogs are now amongst my favourites.
Although I enjoyed each and every story, I thought I would share a little about my three favourites. I have to start with ‘My Obnoxiously Skinny Husband’ By Lynn Morrison. Lynn is a fellow American expat living in the UK and writes at Nomad Mom Diary. I have never met Lynn, but her blog speaks to me. And she is hilarious. Unlike her, though, my Husband is not skinny as I have successfully fattened him up over the years.
Christine Burke wrote an ‘Open Letter To My Son (Or: Your Mother’s Top Ten List of Ways Not to be a Douchebag Husband)’. Christine blogs over at Keeper of  the Fruit Loops. As a mother to a son, I was pleased that someone else was worried about their son turning into a douchebag, and had helpful tips. It was also quite heartwarming.
I laughed so much at ‘Project Run Away’ by Raquel D’Apice that Husband thought I was having a seizure. Raquel chronicled meeting and dating her now-husband who happens to have terrible dress-sense. Raquel blogs at The Ugly Volvo and might be (is!) my new mummy crush. Talk about mega LOLz. Read the book and her blog, follow her on twitter and facebook, then join her cult.
It was ridiculously difficult to pick my three favourites. If you want/need a laugh, you will order this book now! It is available on Amazon today in the US and in the UK.

Please note that I was sent this book for the purpose of a review. All opinions are completely my own.