Urban Bliss With Urban Massage (& Discount Code)

Urban Bliss With Urban Massage

You know how I love beauty treatments in the comfort of my own home? My favourite thing is getting a massage. My body never recovered from my second pregnancy (and pelvic girdle pain) and I seem to constantly have aches and pains. So today, while my children were at school, a lovely lady named Nicki from Urban Massage came to my house and gave me the best deep tissue massage ever.

A few months ago I was desperate for a massage, and as my regular beauty therapist was on holiday, I quickly booked something online. When the masseuse arrived the next day, she didn’t bring a massage table (I obviously missed the small print) so I had to have my massage on my bed (and of course my bedroom was a mess). The whole experience left a lot to be desired. So I was intrigued when Urban Massage got in touch last month to ask me to try out their services.

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Getting Beautiful at John Lewis

Normally, when I go to John Lewis, I go to the kids department or homewares. When my friend Ella and I went to the John Lewis in Kingston last night, we were unsure what to expect. We didn’t know what the big beauty event would entail, besides having our make-up done. Being SAHMs, neither Ella nor I spend much time getting pampered. It is so easy to forget about making yourself feel good when you are concentrating on taking care of your family.
After grabbing a glass of cava, we were introduced to Murad. I had heard of this brand before, as they are American like me. Murad was developed by a dermatologist and specialises in combatting ageing and blemished skin. They even have a men’s line. First off, Daisy took a special photo of my skin which showed my problem areas (don’t be too alarmed at what I look like with no make-up). The photos show that my main issues are the redness in my cheeks and t-zone blemishes. As I approach 40, *clears throat*, I feel like my skin is changing. I’ve always had combination skin but I feel like the dry skin is drier and the oily skin is oilier. Plus I’m breaking out like a teenager. Daisy recommended some products which would help and then gave me a mini-facial. Normally, after a facial, my face looks and feel smooth but I also look a bit unkept. After the Murad facial, my skin looked so glowy. Both Ella and I commented that we looked just as nice as if we had on make-up, if not better. Thank you Murad!
99 problems and my skin is number 1
John Lewis Kingston had a major refurb in October 2013, adding an extra £7,000 square feet which substantially increased their beauty department. They have all the big international brands, and a great selection of British brands too. Ella and I both got manicures at Leighton Denny. She got her make-up done at Benefit, while I had mine done at Bobbi Brown. Neither Ella nor I wear very much make-up during the day. Being American, I don’t leave the house without any lipstick. But it was lovely getting the whole shebang done. 
Sophie at Bobbi Brown introduced me to the miracle of a purple eye liner, which makes brown eyes look green. And their BB cream made my skin look flawless! Ella loved the natural look she got from Mary at Benefit. When Mary saw me, she had to add the Gimme Brow which sleeks eyebrows wonderfully. I especially liked this as my eyebrows are a bit on the skimpy side. I grew up expecting to have Brooke Shields’ eyebrows, but alas it was never meant to be.
Ella and I had such a giggle last night. We loved the pampering and the girly time, and I arrived home feeling lovely. I don’t think that you need make-up, necessarily, to feel pretty. But as mums, I think it is important to do things for yourself. And of course, it helps to have a girlfriend along for laughs.
John Lewis Kingston invited me and a friend to their Beauty Event for the purpose of a review. I was not paid for this endorsement. All opinions expressed are my own.