Deer Spotting at Richmond Park

TGIS. Thank Goodness It’s Spring. Although we still get out and about in the winter, it hasn’t been the same. I’m Californian and I am not used to a lot of rain. And certainly not cold rain. So it has been glorious this past month with the warmer weather and less rain. If we’re not in the garden, we’re at a nearby park or common.
Last weekend, despite the chilly weather and the occasional hail, we went to Richmond Park. I love Richmond Park, and not just because it’s a convenient five-minute drive from my house. Richmond park is huge. It has wide open space, playgrounds, duck ponds, hiking and biking trails, a golf course, a fab cafe and deer. Lots of deer. Richmond Park was originally a deer-hunting park and still has about 650 Red and Fallow deer.
Dubz, who is 22-months old, loved running around aimlessly. Moozles, who is 5 1/2, enjoyed climbing the giant tree trunks. They chased each other and played hide and seek. They also tried chasing some deer. To my horror. 

This visit we went to Pen Ponds so that the kids could see the ducks and the swans. But the next time we visit Richmond Park, we will stay away from the pond. Husband and I had to carry a kicking, screaming Dubz away from wading into the water to be with the ducks. No pictures were taken as our hands were truly full. All in all a fun visit, except for the last 10 minutes of screaming tantrumming craziness. But that’s toddlers, right?  

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