Twinkly Canvas Art from Illuminated Canvas

We bought our fixer-upper home last February and have been refurbishing it slowly, room by room. We have done the major renovations needed, including a new kitchen, an entire re-wire and a new first floor bathroom. Next month we are going to sort out the children’s rooms. Moozles is six, and has several ideas as to how she wants her room to look. She wants one wall to be in a different colour, a big rainbow, paper lanterns and a sign with her name. Well, I have a head start on the latter.

Last month, Illuminated Canvas contacted me about their canvas wall art. They make  unique canvas prints, many of which can be personalised. The best part of the wall art is that they are illuminated (hence the name). There is a switch on the back of the canvas, so that you can have the light on or off. I ordered the Personalised Graffiti Heart canvas for Moozles. Not only is it super cute, but it is cool enough that she will still want it on her wall when she’s 13.

Husband put up the canvas on Moozles’ wall, even though her room hasn’t been renovated yet. As you can see, one of the walls has been painted a glossy pink (yuck) and the door has been painted black (even yuckier). What you can’t see is the 40-year old green carpet or the false ceiling covered in ceiling tiles. But the canvas has made the room look nicer and I can’t wait until the room is properly renovated. The lights on the canvas are quite soft and pretty when on, and could even be used as a nightlight (I am unsure how long the two AA batteries would last).

Illuminated CanvasIlluminated CanvasIlluminated CanvasIlluminated Canvas

I have smudged the photos so that you can’t read Moozles’ real name, but I promise that it looks fab in person. Moozles was so pleased to see the canvas on her wall. She said it was ‘sooo awesome’. Apparently British kids say ‘awesome’ quite often. *shakes head*

Illuminated Canvas has a wide array of wall art, for the home and for children. The personalised graffiti heart that we have comes in three different colours and in two sizes – the small costs £55.95 and the large costs £75.95. It is a great way to add a unique touch to your little one’s bedroom. What do you think? Do you like Moozles’ new wall art? Or is there another canvas you prefer from Illuminated Canvas?



*Photo credit: Illuminated Canvas website

We were given the chance to choose a canvas for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.