Cali Christmas

I love living in the UK. But there are certain holidays that make me miss California. 
christmas lights sd hot limos
Like Christmas. And the crazy Christmas lights you find in certain areas of San Diego, like Christmas Circle. People go over the top. But in a fun and festive way. You don’t care about being classy or worry about being tacky. You just want to enjoy the twinkly Christmassy atmosphere.

If we ever see a house in London or Surrey that has some lights or Christmas decorations, my five year-old oohs in wonder and admiration. I can’t imagine what she would think of the light displays that you find in American cities and towns. I know some people in the UK have over-the-top light displays at their homes, but there is nothing like having an entire neighbourhood of what appears to be Christmas on crack.

So spare a thought for me this Christmas, in your tastefully decorated homes. I will be a bit homesick for lights so bright they could blind you.

Above photo taken from this website (no photo credit given):