And THAT, Is Where Babies Come From

Where Babies Come FromAnd this, my friends, is how I learned about the birds and the bees. When I was seven years old, my parents gave me this book to learn how babies were made. Illustrated naked people – an illustrated penis entering an illustrated vagina. And of course, the above. *shudder* BUT it did show me how things worked.

Are you reading this post, or just staring at the picture? Can you even look away? While you’re staring at the picture, does anyone know why the doctor is carrying a hammer? And why is no one ready to catch the baby?

Anyway. In the last week, my six-year old daughter has been asking me how babies are made. I don’t think my daughter is ready for images like the one above. She is a sensitive soul, and I worry that these kind of images would scar her for life. After all, to this day, I have never been able to kiss a man with a beard.

So I sat Moozles down for a Rated-6 version of how babies are made. I told her that ladies and girls have vaginas. I had been calling it a front-bum as I was worried that vagina was too clinical a word for a toddler. But she’s six and I thought she should know that she has a vagina. Natch.

Moozles is quite interested in science, so I grabbed her Human Body Encyclopedia. Near the end of the book, which she hasn’t gotten to yet, there are a few pages dedicated to reproduction. I think that these pictures, along with my words, have helped explain where the baby grows, how the baby develops and how the baby comes into the world. Although I mentioned the egg and sperm, I did not mention any need of a penis. After all, in these modern times, making babies happens in many ways.

Where babies come from Where babies come from






Have you explained how babies are made? How did you do it? Does your child know that they have a penis or a vagina, or are you still using ‘cute’ names?

If you fancy a giggle, have a look at this video version of the The True Story of How Babies Are Made. The video is made from the pictures from the actual book.


*Photo credit: top photo: from ‘The True Story of How Babies Are Made’, written by Per Holm Knudsen
Bottom two photos: from Human Body Encyclopedia, published by DK