Our Memories of Summer

As the warm weather turns cooler and the summer begins to fade, I have been looking back on what the summer holidays have meant to our family. Last summer was my daughter’s first summer holiday from school. But as I fell down the stairs and broke a toe one week into the holiday, it was not the summer I had in mind. But we made up for it this summer. Husband took time off, we had day trips and visited the in-laws. We lazed about at home and visited friends and family. We went to cool events and festivals. We ate copious amounts of ice cream.

This summer we made so many wonderful memories. We had six weeks where we didn’t have to worry about the school runs, clubs and homework. Dubz had his first splash in the sea. Moozles learned to sew. I didn’t break any bones. We made millions of loom bands. Dubz went from speaking 20 words to well over 100. Moozles can now do a forward roll in the pool. I haven’t fallen down the stairs once.

Summer 2014, you’ve been fab. Thank you for all the memories!

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