Truth Vs Modesty

Truth is more important than modesty. Roald Dahl.

This quote is this week’s Prompt over at Mum Turned Mom. Truth is more than the words we speak. Truth is also our actions. Everyone remembers those early days of the relationship. We would never burp or fart in front of our significant other. And if we needed the loo, I mean really needed it, we would go at our own flat or early in the morning when ‘he’ was still asleep. 

Then comes the day you go on a foreign holiday. Our first holiday was in Croatia. It must have been a dodgy octopus salad. I made ‘him’ stay on our little balcony when I used the loo. That’s the holiday that taught me to ALWAYS pack Immodium.

But then you move in together or get married. And there is no more hiding your modesty. You are naked, literally and figuratively, for the other person to see. You eventually burp, and fart, and announce that you need a poo. But it’s okay. It’s actually okay. Because you are in love, and you are building a life. And then you have a baby, and the second-to-last shreds of modesty are gone. Can you say perineal massage? I shudder just thinking about it.

I have so little modesty these days. But I am hanging on to a couple of things. I still keep my facial plucking regime to closed doors (damn you, pesky old lady chin).  And I go to the loo with the door closed. For now. But it’s only a matter of time before all modesty has gone.

Oh honey, I don’t know what that smell is. Teehee