Wagamama, Come to Mama

See what I did there? I’m a Master Wordsmith, I am. Probably why I was invited to an intimate dinner at the Wagamama on Wigmore Street for the Way of Wagamama. This event is to encourage diners to try a new dish as opposed to ordering their favourite dish each visit. I think many of us are guilty in having one or two favourite items we always order. At Wagamama, I order the Cha Han three out of four visits. Cha Han is just fried rice and it comes with miso soup. Nothing special right? Well, it is special, and yummy, and I love it.

But last Monday, the fine people of Wagamama tried to lure me away from my Cha Han. Fellow bloggers Mirka from All Baby Advice and Liska from New Mum Online were also there having their favourite dishes challenged. The Executive Chef, Steve Mangleshot, spoke to us about the enthusiasm he and the other chefs at Wagamama have for the food. They want us, as the diner, to taste many different flavours in each dish; they want our taste buds tickled. Steve travels around Asia looking for different tastes and dishes to add to the menu. You can tell how passionate he is about the food they create at Wagamama.
Christy Fergusson, the Wagamama taste expert, was also on hand to talk to us about how our taste buds were related to our personalities. Luckily she didn’t mention what it meant if people like to eat a lot of food. Though I think I know the answer.
First, I was served the Chicken Tama Rice. I had tried this dish before. The rice is wet as it is on top of the yummy oyster and garlic sauce. It has lots of mushrooms and courgettes, two of my favourite things. I could have happily eaten all of this but wanted to save room for my next dish.
We were also given some juice. I think many people who go to Wagamama get the juices as they taste so fresh and delicious. Since we were trying new things, I had the Root Juice, which is made from beetroot, carrot and orange juice. I don’t normally like beetroot but it was nice, though I could only manage half a glass. 
I was then served the Chicken Teriyaki Donburi. ‘Well, hello stranger. Where have you been all my life?’ Luckily I did not say this out loud, but I did think it. It was damn good. The dish needs to be mixed up, so that all the flavours are properly blended. This has a great combination of sweet, salt and spice. I have had donburi before, but not quite like this. I have indeed found a new favourite dish.  
I finished off my meal with a trio of desserts. I had never had dessert from Wagamama before. I especially enjoyed the Passion Fruit Cheesecake (far right). I will definitely be having that again.
From left to right, Christy, Steve, Mirka, Liska,
and me, with Suhendra (another top chef) behind me.


I have to say that I had a lovely evening, and am a bit shocked that Wagamama managed to find me a new favourite meal. Wagamama will be unveiling a new menu at the end of April and I will be taking Husband and the kids to see if they can also find a new favourite dish.
Disclaimer: I was given free food and drinks for the purpose of the review but I was not paid to write a favourable one of Wagamama. I did so because they rock.