Warwick Castle

warwick castle

Moozles is in Year Two, and this past term they learned about castles. So what better way to supplement her learning then by taking her to Warwick Castle. Located in Warwickshire, about two hours’ drive from London, Warwick Castle appears in everyone’s list of the top 10 castles in Britain. It is everything you would expect from a medieval castle: dungeons, turrets, a drawbridge – all in amazing condition.

But Warwick Castle is a bit special in Husband’s family. The story goes that my MIL climbed up one of the towers when she was heavily pregnant with Husband and almost went into labour, and Husband is named after this tower. Obviously I cannot tell you which tower it is as I keep Husband’s name secret, but I can confirm that he was not named after Caesar’s Tower (which is the castle’s tallest tower and is the same height as 10 double decker buses!).

We picked the rainiest day of the February Half-term holiday to visit Warwick Castle. I kept thinking the rain would stop at some point, but it did not. It would not. But still, we had a great time. I took all the outside photos with my iPhone as I didn’t want my SLR to get wet. We started off in the Great Hall and the Kingmaker. Dubz loved seeing the suits of armor and has been talking about knights every since.

We then visited the Princess Tower. To be honest, I expected it to be a bit rubbish. But it was actually pretty great. You get a timed (free) ticket, and then up to the tower you go. Princess Sophia then invites you into her turret and brings the kids into an interactive story. It is aimed at children aged 3-8. Dubz is 2 1/2, and was fine to sit and listen.  Moozles, who is 6 1/2, got to join in, much to her delight. It lasted for 15 minutes and was well worth a visit!

warwick castle warwick castle warwick castle warwick castlewarwick castlewarwick castlewarwick castlewarwick castlewarwick castlewarwick castle

warwick castle

Our favourite part of the day was the trebuchet. Trebuchets are the largest siege engines, and this one is the largest working one in the world. They were originally used to catapult large rocks and stones, and even dead animals, to breach castle walls. Luckily there were no flying pigs, but there was a flying fireball.

warwick castle warwick castle warwick castle

We climbed The Mound, which afforded us lovely views of the grounds and of Warwick. We were then very wet, and very hungry. We went to the Coach House restaurant, but it was completely full. So we walked up the road into Warwick and had lunch at a nearby restaurant (Ask). By the time we had lunch, we were so tired that we decided to go back to my in-laws’ house (they live in Leamington Spa, about five minutes from the castle). You could easily spend the entire day at Warwick Castle, and I am eager to go back and see more of the castle and its grounds.

Unfortunately, we missed visiting a few towers and did not get to see the Flight of the Eagles, the bird of prey live show. And as it was so rainy, we missed out on exploring the playground and the gardens. If you pre-book your tickets online, and it rains for more than one hour, you will receive a free return ticket. If you fancy visiting Warwick Castle, pre-booked tickets are cheaper (£15.36/adult, £13.44/child and children under three are free). There are three car parks, which cost between £6.00-£10.00. But this covers an entire day, so you can visit the picturesque town of Warwick whilst visiting the castle.

Have you been to Warwick Castle? What was your favourite part?
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We were given tickets to visit Warwick Castle for the purpose of this review. All opinions are entirely my own.


Yo! Sushi Leamington Spa

Yo Sushi Leamington

We visit my in-laws in Leamington Spa quite regularly. And we were lucky to be there last week for the opening of the new Yo! Sushi. Yo! Sushi is my daughter’s favourite restaurant. Moozles loves sushi and especially loves seeing the food come by on the conveyor belt. Her favourite sushi is the Yo! Roll (raw salmon and avocado surrounded by rice and smelt roe).

Now you might be thinking, ‘Who cares? I don’t like raw fish.’ Well, you don’t need to eat raw fish at Yo! Sushi. In fact, you don’t need to eat any fish at all. Just ask Husband (the man does not like fish, not even fish fingers!!!!). Yo! Sushi offer warm dishes such as chicken, beef, fried rice and noodles. There are even vegetarian options. Husband especially enjoyed the Beef Tataki (basically rare beef). I wish I had taken photos of the food, but everything was so yummy that nothing lasted very long.

I had brought snacks for my two-year old, Dubz. He had never tried sushi before and I thought he might share some of his father’s silly tastes. Seeing my son wolf down raw tuna and salmon — oh how it made my heart soar. Moozles better be prepared. We might have to start bringing her brother along on our sushi dates.

Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington Yo Sushi Leamington

If you live in/nearby Leamington Spa, pop on over to Yo! Sushi for yumminess. They’re located on Livery Street. The food is delicious and the service is fantastic. And don’t worry if you have children, they have high chairs and a menu noting items that children might like.
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I nabbed our free meals at Yo Sushi through a Facebook offer for Leamington customers. I wrote the post out of my own desire to let people know that Yo! Sushi rocks!

Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

We visit Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire every other month to visit my in-laws. And this month we stayed for four days as it was the half-term. When my Father-in-Law suggested visiting Hatton Adventure World, we jumped at the chance. We have only been once, when Moozles was two years old (she is now six). We knew she would get more out of it now, plus her two-year old brother Dubz loves animals.

We had a great time. My children loved feeding the animals, and especially stroking the goats. Moozles also got to touch a snake. They rode, bounced, climbed, slid and zipped along. And there were Halloween-themed scarecrows everywhere, which Dubz loved. I could barely drag him away from them.

We did drag him away as he was getting hungry. We had lunch in the restaurant, which was in the midst of the soft play. This was quite handy as the kids played while we ate. And they got to play again while we all drank our teas and coffee afterwards. I liked that the soft play had three sections: 0-2, 2-4 and 4 and older (the latter with big slides that Moozles loved).

After lunch we went to the pumpkin patch. As it was Pumpkin Week, each child was allowed to pick out a pumpkin (cost included in the ticket). Moozles was sad to not get a tractor or pony ride, but Dubz was exhausted and we had to get him home for a nap. But we had a fun four hours.

Hatton is only a 15-minute drive from Leamington Spa. Tickets cost £13.95 per person (free for under 2s) during Pumpkin Week. There is a 10% discount if you buy your ticket online at least 24 hours before your visit. I think the entry fee is quite high, but there aren’t many farms in the area that have such a good playground and soft play facilities.

Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

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