An Interview with a Six-Year Old

Last week my baby girl turned six. I guess technically she is not a baby. But as parents, we consider our children to be babies long after they start walking and talking. And I am no different. Moozles is growing up so quickly and I worry about forgetting her funny little ways. A couple of years ago I pinned a Birthday Interview on Pinterest. I kept forgetting to do it, but this year I remembered. I amended the interview as I didn’t want it to be too long.

Without further ado, this is Moozles at the age of six.

Who is your favourite person? Mummy (I swear I did not fish for this answer).
What is your favourite colour: Green
Best friend: Aphra
Favourite cereal: Rice Krispies
Favourite meal: Fish and chips
Favourite show: Swashbuckle
Favourite movie: Frozen
Favourite song: Let It Go
Favourite birthday gift: Flying fairy
Favourite activity: Magic
What makes you happy: Cuddling my mummy
What makes you sad: People being rude 
What do you want to be when you grow up: Teacher, builder and ear doctor
If you had one wish, what would it be: to ‘be a fairy’

That’s it. That’s my baby. Growing up so fast. But still so sweet and innocent. I won’t always be her favourite person. But I am now. 



My children. They are far from perfect, like all children. They fight over toys and who gets to sit on Mummy’s lap. But these two love sharing snacks. Dubz, who is newly 23 months old, especially loves sharing with his big sister. After he shares with her, he claps his hand to show how proud he is of himself.

This week we are on holiday in Burton Bradstock, in Dorset. Moozles, who will be six in two weeks, has had a tummy bug for the first three days of our holiday. She has barely eaten these past few days, but last night she had a mini-dinner. And this morning she had breakfast and then enjoyed some grapes that her brother is sharing with her. Such a small moment. But it really warmed my heart. I feel like our holiday can finally begin.

What’s the Story in the Shower

These are my two children, Moozles and Dubz. We’re getting our first-floor bathroom renovated next week so yesterday we went to the bathstore to pick out a new suite and towel rail. Husband and I were nervous about the trip, but neither of us wanted to miss out on shopping for our bathroom (which is a bit sad, when typed out). 

Moozles, who will be six in a few weeks, in normally fine though there is the occasional bout of moaning when running errands. But Dubz, who turns two in May, is always a handful. And I mean ALWAYS. Since he started walking at 12 months, he has transformed into a Tasmanian Devil. He goes around, quickly, in a whirlwind of destruction. But, it turns out, the bath store is a small person’s paradise despite the lack of ice cream. The kids ran around and laughed and played for an entire hour. No grumps, and nothing broken. Apparently playing in showers and bathtubs is akin to going to the soft play. Moozles repeatedly told me how much fun she was having. I think we’ve found our new standby rainy day weekend activity. 😉