Who Needs a Stinkin’ Footmuff?!

Oh yeah, he doesn’t like buggysnuggles or shoes. Sheesh.
Ever since Dubz was 18-months old, he hasn’t been a big fan of his footmuff. Unfortunately, this coincided with the beginning of winter. Dubz is too fidgety for an all-in-one, but after much perusal of the interweb, I found the solution. So, for the past two months, Dubz has been wearing fleecy waterproof trousers on top of his normal trousers. 

Waterproof Fleece Lined Pull-Ups A8512I found a really warm pair from JoJoMamanBebe. They are quick and easy to pull on and off. The trousers are comfy for Dubz, plus water and wind-resistant. If it starts to drizzle a bit, I don’t have to rush putting on the rain cover. As long as the hood of the buggy is open, Dubz stays nice and dry. I wash the trousers once a week or once every other week, depending if they’ve been worn sitting in the buggy or splashing about in muddy puddles. They dry quickly on the radiator so no need to go a day without. The trousers come in pink and blue, and fit up to age 5-6. I was initially worried about spending £18.00 on them, but they were well worth it. Plus, I had a 15% off code which made them a great bargain. Yea to being warm! 

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored in any way. 
I just love this product and wanted to tell you all about it.


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