Cooking SOS With Riverford

Cooking SOS With Riverford

Two weeks ago, I did not know what the above vegetable was. It turns out it is a romanesco, which is similar to cauliflower and broccoli. But just prettier. And it tastes delicious. This romanesco was in my Riverford organic box. And not just any organic box, but a recipe box. This means that we received the ingredients (and recipes) for three meals. I was really excited about this as I am not a confident cook. I make about 10 dishes well, and just rotate them for the kids and occasionally Husband. You see, Husband cooks half, and sometimes all, of our dinners. And I wanted to add some new dishes to my repertoire.

Alas, the best laid plans. It was a tough week of tantrums and toilet training. I was left nearly broken. So Husband made all the meals. We had chosen the quick recipe box. The meals are designed to take about 30 minutes to make. Husband found they took longer because he had never cooked with some of the items (romanesco and kale). But he really enjoyed it. He loved having all the ingredients for the meals (rather than hunting things down in the kitchen cupboards).

One of the meals, the Shakshuka, had red peppers. Our entire family detests peppers/capsicums. So we gave the peppers to our neighbours and substituted potatoes instead. It was delicious! We had never even heard of Shakshuka and would have probably passed it over in a cookbook. But we will definitely be making it again. That’s the thing we most liked about the recipe box. You get to make and try new dishes that you might normally not have made.

There was a booklet included called The Riverford A-Z of Veg. We enjoyed finding out about different vegetables and when they’re in season. We have always shied away from getting an organic veg box as we were nervous about all the ‘different’ veg. But the recipe box was great as we were given clear instructions on what to do with them. Husband is a total convert and has said that he would like to start getting a recipe box regularly.

Cooking SOS With Riverford


Beef & Shitake MushroomsIMG_0285 Cooking SOS With RiverfordCooking SOS With Riverford


Pork Steaks with Potatoes and Romanesco

Cooking SOS With Riverford


Shakshuka With Crispy Pitta

Cooking SOS With Riverford Cooking SOS With Riverford


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We were sent a Riverford Organic Box for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and Husband’s).



7 thoughts on “Cooking SOS With Riverford

  1. Do you know how hungry I am reading this! Just divine. That box looks incredible, going to investigate. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

  2. Well until I read this I had no idea what it was either!

    I’m not great with veg boxes as I like to plan meals out and buy what I need rather than getting together a load of ingredients and seeing what I can create from them. I love the sound of this box as it’s got the recipes too, especially the quick box as despite my attempts to be organised in the evening it’s usually a bit of a rush.

    I hope the toilet training is going well. I need to start soon with my youngest and I’m dreading it!

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