Creme Egg Croissants

Creme Egg Croissants

Welcome to the world’s easiest and quickest croissant recipe. A couple of weeks ago I saw a few Creme Egg Croissant recipes on Pinterest and knew that I had to try them out. After all, croissants…good. Creme eggs…good. Creme Egg Croissants…really really good.

 1. Yes, you could make homemade croissant pastry. But then this recipe wouldn’t be quick and easy. I use Jus-Rol ready to bake croissants. Pop open the tube.

Creme Egg Croissants

2. Add half of a Cadbury Creme Egg and roll into a croissant. You could use an entire egg, but I find that this tastes too sickly (I freeze the egg first so the white gooey stuff doesn’t leak out into the baking tray). Brush with an egg wash.
3. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Let it cool down for five minutes before serving.
4. Accept the adulation of your family as they tuck into these delicious pastries.

Creme Egg CroissantsCreme Egg Croissants
Creme Egg Croissants


19 thoughts on “Creme Egg Croissants

  1. Despite Cadbury’s Crème Eggs being not-so-good this year, I am definitely going to try this….am sure Boy will love it and won’t miss the less yolk if it’s in a croissant. Great tip about freezing them first and the caramel, going to have some fun experimenting #TastyTuesdays

    1. I meant to take photos (I’ve made them twice now), but everyone is so greedy (including myself) that we scoff them immediately. They’re a touch gooey but the chocolate doesn’t drip out while you’re eating so it is fairly neat to eat.

  2. I had to click to open your post in the #tastytuesdays linkup as I L.O.V.E creme eggs. Unfortunately for me I live in France where I can’t get them….however, fortunately for me I have a great supply of croissants!!

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