Dinosaur Style

dinosaur style

Dubz loves dinosaurs. I mean, he really loves dinosaurs. Besides playing with dinosaurs, every morning when you go into his room (rather than saying good morning), he says ‘wear dino-roar now’. And despite often wearing dinosaur pyjamas, he likes to get out of his pjs and into day clothes. And those day clothes involve dinosaur tops and sometimes his dinosaur harems.

My son’s very favourite top, is from Boden (below). We bought it last year and they no longer sell it. I think I need to find another one on ebay as he wants to wear it everyday.

My Sunday Butterfly

As I’m always on the lookout for dinosaur clothing, I thought I would share some of my finds in case you have a little one who is also a dinosaur-lover. H&M and Boden have especially cute items, and many of their clothing are unisex which is fab if your dinosaur-lover is a girl.

Hoody, H&M, £9.99

dinosaur style

Pyjamas, H&M, 7.99

dinosaur styleBoard Shorts, Boden, £22-£26

dinosaur style

Sweatshirt, Boden, £20-£24

dinosaur style

Wellies, Peacock’s, £7

dinosaur style

If you have seen any cute dinosaur clothing, give me a shout.


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16 thoughts on “Dinosaur Style

  1. I got a couple dinosaur long-sleeved t-shirts for my son a couple months ago, I think it was on H&M (or Next – I went shopping on both stores the same day).
    But the big hit for him are cars – and it’s so difficult to find car-themed clothes (except for the Lightning Mcqueen ones, that are more expensive because of the brand and they all look exactly the same)…

  2. Potato loves dinosaurs too. Have you seen the Steg print from Ava and Luc? Kyna Boutique had both the pjs and tops last time I looked. Those Boden shorts are fab. I might have to treat Potato to a pair for the summer 🙂

  3. That is some serious Dinosaur love, the Board Shorts are great, may have to get some for Lewis! I shall certainly keep an eye out for other dinosaur clothing as I go about and let you know what I find! #TT_Thursday

  4. Amazing Dino-fashion! I don’t know if I’m looking forward to my toddler having a say in what he wears or not, though maybe I will if it’s dinosaurs! x

  5. I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch – I saw all the fab dinosaur clothing on your blog and wanted to share our customised dinosaur sweatshirts 🙂 Hope you like them! etsy.me/1ParQUO

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