Eczema, part deux

My daughter struggled with eczema until the age of four, and my son (who is 22 months old) is currently dealing with it now. The eczema outbreaks are pretty much confined to the months of October through April. I have previously blogged about how we have dealt with the outbreaks (here). 

I was recently sent some Aleva Naturals products to try on my children. Aleva Naturals are completely natural and organic, no nasties at all. The first thing you notice is the amazing citrus smell. The Daily Soothing Moisturizer is thick without being greasy. The Hair & Body Wash makes the bathroom smell like a giant aromatherapy chamber and gives the kids a good cleaning. It did not make my son’s eczema flare-up, which is a major plus point.   
I used the moisturizer on my son for two weeks, but his eczema began to return. He was getting itchier and itchier and scratching up his skin badly so we went back to the Aveeno Baby. My daughter, who is five, loves the smell of the Aleva Moisturizer so I have kept using it on her.

Aleva Naturals is new to the UK and can be found at Ocado. Although it is nice using the all-natural ingredients, I would not pay £10 for either item. 

I was supplied with a bottle of Aleva Naturals Soothing Moisturizer and Hair & Body Wash for the purpose of a review. All the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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