The Elf Has Left the Building

The Elf Has Left the Building

As an American blogger, whose audience is mostly British, I feel like British people check my blog for a bit of Americana. The American crazy ‘Elf on the shelf’ is one such craze. But I am only new to it myself. I won our elf last year through a competition. I thought it would be fun staging the elf doing silly things. Although Moozles thought the elf was magical, she was also terrified of being alone with it. But I thought she might be more brave now that she is six years old.

Day 1 of Elf on the Shelf went well. Moozles was so happy to see Elfy the Elf back. But the next day, it was just like last year. She wanted guarantees that Elfy would stay in the living room (she goes into the kitchen/diner when she wakes up to do colouring/homework). We had had enough. So on Day 3, we told Moozles that Elfy wouldn’t be coming back. She was in hysterics, crying about how she loved Elfy. Talk about ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’.

After cuddles and a discussion, Moozles calmed down. We have told her that Elfy does not want her to be nervous or afraid, and he knows that she is a good girl. And that is that. There won’t be a temporary farewell to Elfy like last year. Elfy has officially left the building and he won’t be returning (okay, he’s in the loft, but you know what I mean).


One thought on “The Elf Has Left the Building

  1. Oh bless her!*hugs*
    I’m so glad my little girlies love their magical elf girls {Elsa & Mistletoe} and every morning their little faces light up with delight upon discovering what they have gotten upto the night before.xx

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