Elsa’s Magic Sleeve

Elsa's Magic Sleeve

Maybe you heard about a little movie called Frozen? Well, one of the two main characters is named Elsa and she has the power of ice and snow. She’s pretty cool, and some people love her so much they want to dress like her. Case in point, six-year old Moozles. Last March, I scoured the internet for an Elsa dress for her. I finally got one made from eBay (for the princely sum of £50 – ouch). It’s very pretty, but a bit too pouffy and delicate for a rough six-year old. But this Elsa dress from Rubies UK is lovely and comfortable.

Elsa's Magic SleeveElsa's Magic Sleeve Elsa's Magic Sleeve

And what could be better than an Elsa dress? Why, how about a Magic Snow Sleeve from Flair? Priced at £29.99, you get a can of silly string, refillable water bottle and a sleeve that covers up the bottle. I cannot fully convey the happiness Moozles felt at shooting out the silly string while singing ‘Let It Go’. So check out my first vlog (ooh!) to see the magic sleeve in action.

Is there anything better than being dressed like Elsa, and spraying silly string, I mean snow, everywhere? I can think of one thing. Going to the cinema on the 27th March to see Cinderella and getting to watch the short ‘Frozen Fever’.


We were sent the Elsa dress and the Magic Sleeve for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely mine and Moozles’ own.


5 thoughts on “Elsa’s Magic Sleeve

  1. she looks so happy! bless them… they just love being princesses (or snow queens), don’t they? My daughter has been running around in a tutu for the last three days and refuses even to take it off at night… I won’t show her this dress because I fear she would want it immediately and never ever take it off!

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