Family Dinner

Family Dinner

My family and I go out to eat quite regularly. I don’t normally find it blogworthy. But it has been one of those weekends. One of those weekends where you shake your head at the evil in the world. One of those weekends where you appreciate your life a bit more than usual. One of those weekends where you hold your little ones a bit tighter.

So after a lazy day at home on Saturday, we decided we needed to go out for a family dinner. We decided to try out the new Pizza Express on the high road. The kids enjoyed dough balls and pizza from the kids’ menu. Husband tried the new calzone, which was yummy. I decided to go for two starters rather than a main – risotto and calamari, and enjoyed both. Husband finished his meal with the honeycomb cheesecake, which was amazing, while I had the sundae. It was a lovely meal, without any tantrums (though Dubz did screech when the waitress took away his garlic butter).

It was a an ordinary moment, but enjoyed a bit more than usual. We are so lucky in so many ways. I hope you all are enjoying your weekends and feeling grateful for all the things we are lucky enough to take for granted.

Family DinnerFamily Dinner Family Dinner Family Dinner

8 thoughts on “Family Dinner

  1. Ooh Pizza Express is a lovely place to go with the kids – the doughballs are amazing and pizza just tastes better freshly made. So horrible to hear about the terrorist attacks on Saturday though – I agree, news like that does make you count your blessings and luck and just the wonder of having your nearest and dearest nearby, healthy and full of love and cuddles. X #ordinarymoments

  2. I completely agree, this weekend has most definitely been about the ordinary moments. We eat out for dinner a lot as well and by far our favourite place to go is Pizza Express- mainly because the girls will eat every single thing on their plates and I love pizza too! Hope you had a great weekend together just enjoying the simple things. x

  3. Sounds very much like Katie’s weekend. I think we have to not focus on the evil or allow fear to take hold. It’s important to remember that good things that we do have. Looks like a lovely family time. X

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