Fast & Easy Frozen Fruit Desserts

Fast & Easy Frozen Fruit DessertsWe love desserts in my house. But recently I have been trying to get us to eat more healthily. My children ate a ridiculous amount of ice cream this summer and I am trying to get them excited again about fruit. Namely frozen fruit. So, I thought I would share three super easy, and very fast, recipes for frozen fruit that will make your little one exclaim ‘ooh!’ and they won’t even notice that they’re having a healthy dessert.

Fast & Easy Frozen Fruit Desserts

Fast & Easy Frozen Fruit DessertsFast & Easy Frozen Fruit Desserts

And there you go. Three super easy, and really fast, desserts made entirely of fruit. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen. There’s no way you can mess these desserts up. No burning or over-cooking. My daughter, who stopped eating bananas about 10 months ago loved the banana ice cream even though it’s just bananas. Plus, pineapples, bananas and black grapes are naturally sweet so you won’t need to add any sugar. The kids will love them, and you won’t feel mum-guilt about feeding them ice cream.

Did you know that Robinson Crusoe is available on DVD and Blu-ray as of the 26 September 2016? Why not have a watch and see what yummy fruit-based dishes Robinson Crusoe has to eat?


We were sent a goodie box and the Robinson Crusoe film for the purpose of this post.



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