Feeling Special On Mother’s Day

Feeling Special On Mother's DayOoh, I love Mother’s Day. It is the day that Husband really steps up his game. The kids, well Moozles anyway, is thinking about all the presents she would like to ‘buy’ for me. And Dubz, well, Dubz is trying to figure out how he can get some more superhero toys. But anyway, I don’t require diamonds or a Michelin-starred restaurant. But it makes me happy that my family make a little fuss over me. So I thought I would share some things that will be making my Mother’s Day a bit special.

Cards – I love a homemade card. Dubz always draws a monster (sometimes they’re wearing a hat) and Moozles writes and draws her adoration. These are normally presented with a cup of tea in bed which makes it even better.

Sleep & Relaxation – There is no greater gift that letting a parent sleep-in or take a nap. And if they get both in one day?! It is like hitting the jackpot! But I’ll also be relaxing, and avoiding doing laundry for the day.

Great Read – Part of having time to relax, means having time to read a book. I recently read How To Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit by Kirsty Smith. If you’re not familiar with Kirsty, she writes the hilarious blog EehBahMum, and she’s an actual amazingly cool lady who I sometimes fangirl over. I’ve gotten so bored of books that tell mothers how to act, how to feel and how to be perfect. Guess, what?! There is no perfect mother. We are just doing the best we can. And if sometimes we end up hiding from our children while eating chocolate and weeping. Then so be it.

Feeling Special On Mother's Day

Family meal – We normally eat out on Mother’s Day as everyone is happier when I’m not doing dishes after dinner. A few weeks ago we had lunch at No.1 Duke Street in Richmond, and can’t wait to go back. We had the most delicious meal in a very cool, modern restaurant. But as there were many families there, we did not feel out of place. Sorry, but we are not one of those well-behaved families where the children sit quietly during their meal. We chat noisily as three out of the four of us are a bit deaf, and Dubz has the occasional outburst. But, there are no dirty dishes at home so we keep going out.

Feeling Special On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Hamper – The lovely people from Spicers of Hythe have started my Mother’s Day celebration early by sending me the beautiful hamper (top photo and below). When you have children, you get accustomed to sharing everything delicious that comes your way. But you don’t mind when there’s a hamper with lots to choose from. My family and I have enjoyed the hamper all weekend. We especially liked the chocolate covered marshmallows, the chocolate chip biscuits and the flapjacks.

M is for Mother's Day

So those are the things that will make my Mother’s Day wonderful. What will make your day special?

Spicers of Hythe sent the hamper for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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