Finding Time For Me-Time

Finding Time for Me-Time

I have been feeling a bit tense recently. Life has been so busy, but then when is it not? Do any of us complain about having too much time on our hands? Anyway, I think I haven’t been very organised recently, which has led me feeling like I’m always busy. I seem to always have a crick in my neck or suffering from achy legs or a sore back. So this week I thought I would book myself a pamper session. And since I am short on time, I booked a mobile beauty therapist.

I have seen Laura from Laura’s Mobile Beauty Treats for the past three years. When Dubz was a baby, she would come during his nap times. Now I see Laura while he is at pre-school, and while Moozles is at big school. I normally book a massage, though sometimes I get a facial. Today, I had a manicure and pedicure followed by a full-body massage. And I feel so relaxed. My hands and feet look pretty, and my body doesn’t feel so achy. I have had many massages in my life and Laura gives one of the best ever (I even went to one of those Vietnamese massage places in Clapham Junction where the lady stands on you – oh, the pain).

You’re probably wondering why I don’t just go to a salon. Well, there is the ease of having your treatments at home. This is great if you’re short on time, don’t drive or you have a small baby/toddler. I love having a massage and then having a sit in my comfiest chair rather than having to travel home. And if I ever get a manicure from a salon, I always end up chipping a nail when I’m putting on my seat belt to drive home. Every. Time.

Laura sees clients all over London, Middlesex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Have a look on her site for rates. She often offers deals (this month she is offering a one-hour massage for £40 rather than £50!). Laura also has a new app, which you can use collect discounts. She also offers discounts if you refer a friend. I have one of her paper loyalty cards, but I need to start using her app as it sounds really handy. You can also follow Laura on Facebook or Twitter for updates on deals and availability. I am not being paid for this post, but I have been meaning to write it for ages. I think Laura is awesome at what she does (as well as being really nice), and I think it is important for parents to find some time for themselves. For me, that me-time includes some pampering.

Finding Time For Me-TimeFinding Time For Me-Time

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6 thoughts on “Finding Time For Me-Time

  1. Sounds amazing Elfa – you can refer me but I don’t know when I’ll be free! Like you say life is so hectic. Maybe on a Friday when Ted starts school in September…

  2. Oh my god amazing!!! I think I need to get someone to come to my house as it’s so hard to fit things in with the endless school and nursery runs! Glad you got some me time x

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