Flora and the Power of Plants

Flora and the Power of Plants

From the title, you may think that I’m writing about a new plant-based superhero film. But this post is actually about Flora spread. A few days ago, I was invited to learn more about Flora and how it is made. And it turns out that Flora is made from plants. When many people think of margarine or spread, they assume it is filled with a lot of nasty, artificial ingredients. But Flora is made from linseed, palm, sunflower and rapeseed oils, which are full of healthy fats and omegas.

Flora and the Power of PlantsMy favourite part of the event was watching how Flora was made, and then later getting to make it myself. Along with plant oils, I added vegetable fat (such as coconut), semi-skimmed milk, egg yolk, lemon juice and salt. I did a lot of whisking (over a bowl of ice), and then voila! You could even add some garlic or pesto (I added the latter), and make things a bit fancier.

Although I now know how to make Flora, I will probably keep buying it from the shop. It’s just so convenient. Especially with how much margarine my household consumes. My family, especially my son, eat a lot of sandwiches and toast. Flora Buttery is the spread we prefer (and it tastes pretty good in cakes too). And I feel much better now that I know that it is made with such natural ingredients.

Flora and the Power of Plants Flora and the Power of Plants Flora and the Power of Plants Flora and the Power of PlantsFlora and the Power of Plants


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