Friends at the Farm

Friends at the farm

Moozles and Dubz are becoming proper friends. Rather than just playing next to one another, they are playing together and having proper little chats. And although they sometimes fight, as all siblings do, they take care of one another. They are always sitting next to each other, holding hands and hugging.

Today we had a marvelous day at Godstone Farm in Surrey. We had never been before, so I was excited when Not On The High Street invited us for an event for their free Storytime Sounds app. I will blog about this another time, but I wanted to share this picture. This was one of the first photos I took of the day and it is one of my favourites. Dubz was thrilled to see scarecrows. And Moozles loves posing on a bench. And hugging. Oh, the sweet hugging!


11 thoughts on “Friends at the Farm

  1. Ah! It’s lovely to see their little bond growing isn’t it?! I have never been to Godstone Farm – must try that some time! X

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