George’s Marvellous Medicine at the Rose Theatre Kingston

I have never read any Roald Dahl. But my daughter has read all his books. Even his biography. And every spring we go to the Rose Theatre Kingston to watch an adaptation of his stories. This past weekend we watched George’s Marvellous Medicine.

If you’re not familiar with George’s Marvellous Medicine (like me), the story is about a little boy named George. George’s grandmother comes for a visit. But she’s not the typical sweet grandmother. She is quite horrid, so George decides to make a potion that will make her into a nicer person.

As you can imagine, the potion has some silly results. I won’t spoil it for you, but my children were nervous and then amused. And there was plenty of laughing occurring in the audience. Moozles and Dubz, who are nine and five respectively, thought the show was hilarious. They loved all the singing and the silliness. It is another Rose Theatre success!

George’s Marvellous Medicine is on at the Rose Theatre Kingston until the 7th April. The production is aimed at children five and over, although I saw younger children enjoying the show. There are still tickets left, so get booking to give your family an extra special treat this Easter.

We were invited to watch this show for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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