Glue Ear Strikes Again

Glue Ear Strikes Again

Moozles had glue ear when she was four and five. And then when she was six, she got grommets put in and had her adenoids taken out. This made a huge difference to her hearing. Well, we recently noticed that her hearing had deteriorated again. Last week Moozles saw the ENT Consultant who advised that she use an Otovent balloon three times a day. Basically she blows up the balloon with her nose, which will then open up her Eustachian tubes and hopefully the fluid that is built up in her middle ear will drain away.

Husband has glue ear that he never outgrew. In January, Dubz had grommets put in. There is a strong family history of glue ear (which basically means that I spend a lot of time shouting at everyone). Moozles will see the ENT again in five weeks, and if the Otovent hasn’t helped then she will get grommets again. Fingers crossed we get rid of that glue ear soon!

Glue Ear Strikes Again Glue Ear Strikes Again Glue Ear Strikes Again



11 thoughts on “Glue Ear Strikes Again

  1. Oh wow, poor kid, Well, poor Dubz, Moozle and Mr Californian Mum in London. Here’s hoping it clears up. Oddly, I had grommets when younger and had my adenoids taken out. Wonder if I had glue ear??

  2. Oh no i totally feel your pain, we have glue ear again too for my son that’s 4 and a half. Is so sad and frustrating at the same time! We use the otovent balloon too but my son can never blow it up like that, good nose skills girl! I hope it goes away for them both so we don’t have any grommet ops. Fingers crossed xx

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