Grown-Up Time

When we only had one child, Husband and I would go out once a month for a date. Now that we have two kids, it is tougher. We manage once every two months. Husband’s parents come to visit us from the West Midlands once a month or every other month. We try to go out when they visit, but sometimes we don’t have the energy to do anything.

I am so tired. Every evening, when the kids go to sleep, I just want to slovenly stretch out on the sofa. And wear sweatpants. I love wearing sweatpants, but would never leave the house wearing them. Going on a date would require proper trousers, brushed hair and perhaps some mascara. 

But then we go out, like tonight, and have such a nice time chatting and eating and drinking. And I remember. I remember that Husband is my best friend and not just the person who helps me with the kids. Then it is worth taking a break from the sweat pants.

For all of you lucky enough to be sharing your life/raising children with your best friend, remember that they need a few nights away from ‘comfy’ and need some ‘making an effort’ time. 

But going out is more than just ‘couple time’, it’s going out with friends or family and being you. Sometimes we all need a teeny tiny break from being mum or dad. We were all people before we had children (sweatpants or not).

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