Halloween And Some Spooky Vampires

Halloween and some Vampires

And, relax. That’s right. Halloween is over for another year. October was busy with the constant discussions over the ‘perfect’ costume, figuring out where to trick-or-treat and trying to find where we put last year’s decorations. We had a few hiccups this week, including Dubz having an asthma flare-up. This left me barely prepared for Halloween and having to cancel a few plans today. But we were able to get the kids their costumes this morning and sneak in a bit of trick-or-treating this afternoon. And I have managed to eat quite a few mini chocolate bars this evening while the kids slept. Result!

Hope you all had a happy, and chocolate-filled, Halloween!

Halloween and some Vampires Halloween and some Vampires



8 thoughts on “Halloween And Some Spooky Vampires

  1. Thee kids look great! This is the first year the twins (3yo) have really known about Halloween and it was their first year dressing up and going to a Halloween party which they loved! Hope you all had a great weekendx #MySundayPhoto

  2. Great costumes! I have to admit I was a bit bah humbug (or whatever the Halloween equivalent is) this year, too much going on, really didn’t get into the spirit. But, the kids have had a blast with parties and trick or treating 🙂

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