Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary To Us

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary To UsWhile yesterday’s news may have centred around the fifth wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate, there’s only been one anniversary on my mind. Today, Husband and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. When we met 16 years ago in Paris, I would have been shocked if someone told me that this would be the man that I would marry (shocked but happy). A lot has happened in 12 years – the most notable being the two additions to our family. And the years have flown by.

Husband and I are having a fab weekend. My lovely in-laws have taken the children for three nights, so Husband and I get to sleep-in and go out. We don’t exchange anniversary presents, as we prefer outings and nice meals. We’re not going anywhere exotic, or doing anything particularly exciting. But we are getting to spend some much-desired time alone, and that is actually the best gift of all.

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary To Us



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  1. Hi Elfa, congratulations on twelve years of marriage (may you have many more). When you have children a bit of alone time together is valuable time. Hope you really enjoyed it.


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