Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

I can’t believe that four years ago I threw caution to the wind and started a blog. I actually spent a few days deciding upon a name, but on the 20th October 2013, I published my first post. I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself or my blog, so I just rambled on as per usual. Not much has changed.

I remember being equally scared that no one would read the blog and that people would actually read it. It’s a funny thing, putting your heart and mind out into the world. In one way, you want to share your thoughts. Perhaps someone, somewhere, feels alone. Perhaps someone needs a laugh. Maybe you want to share your adventures. Perhaps someone wants ideas for a fun outing or a family-friendly restaurant.

But then there is a fear. You worry that people will think you’re self-absorbed. They will think you’re boring. They will laugh at you. But sometimes you have to take a leap. Do something new. See where it takes you.

Four years of blogging has been fun, and I have had some lovely experiences and met some wonderful people. I have this amazing record of my children, who were five and one when I began the blog. I don’t know if I will still be blogging in another four years. But hopefully I will be rambling less.


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