Happy House, Happy Mum

Happy House, Happy MumHappy days indeed! My house is finally clean! At the end of August, I expressed my dismay at the state of my house. The summer holidays did not leave much time for cleaning, and my house was beyond dirty. So when my children went back to school in September, it would have been the perfect time to give the house a good clean. But I was actually pretty tired. And I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of cleaning the house needed. So I booked a deep-clean through the Fantastic Services app.

Happy House, Happy MumI have never used an app before to book a cleaner, and it was just so simple. I requested a deep clean, noted how many bedrooms, bathrooms and living space and then requested a day and time. I received a confirmation of my cleaning, through the app and via a text. And because life is hectic, and things ‘pop up’, I had to then reschedule the cleaners twice. But even this was really quick and easy to do through the app. I even used the chat feature to check on my discount code. It took a minute and my question was answered promptly.

I had two cleaners who came for three hours. And in that time they made my house cleaner than it had been in years (I haven’t been entirely impressed with any cleaner since my last one moved away a couple of years ago). And even the kids remarked on how shiny the bathroom looked. My shower screen is gleaming. And the house just looks nice without a layer of dust and grime everywhere.

Happy House, Happy Mum

Although this was a review, I plan to book Fantastic Cleaners again (with my own money). They were that good. What do you think? Are you ready to make your house happy too?

For £10 off your first booking from Fantastic Services, enter code Calimum until the 31st December 2015.


My house was given a deep clean for the purpose of this review. But all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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